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In the Corona era and lockdown, actor Sonu Sood helped thousands of the needy, due to which people gave him the status of a messiah. He is still helping people and remains in the headlines for days to come. Recently Sonu Sood’s heart was melted by watching a viral video of an old Amma. After his help, Sonu has now promised to send a machine for making incense sticks to Bihar’s daughter, but has also made a small demand in return.

Sonu Sood pleads for help In
fact, Jyoti, who hails from Bihar, made a tweet and requested Sonu Sood for help. Jyoti wrote in the tweet, ‘Sonu Sood Bhaiya, my name is Jyoti and I am from Bihar. You are helping everyone, please help me a little bit too. I need an incense stick making machine to nurture my family so that I can eradicate the hunger of my family and my children. ‘

@SonuSood brother my name is Jyoti and I am from Bihar. You are helping everyone. Please help me a little. I need an incense stick making machine to nurture my family so that I can help my family and my children. To get rid of hunger. @ Nand20Ahuja @GovindAgarwal_ pic.twitter.com/P6mrStfX2p

– Jyoti Raj (@ JyotiRa66730487) March 5, 2021

Sonu Sood asked for the first packet
, on this tweet from Jyoti, Sonu Sood also promised to help, wrote, ‘Let’s see if we make incense sticks in Bihar too. I am sending you the machine for making incense sticks, give me the first packet. ‘ People are praising Sonu’s move.

Now let’s make agarbatti in Bihar and see if
I am sending your incense sticks machine ..
Give me the first packet. @SoodFoundation https://t.co/oqqBjo6pA2

– sonu sood (@SonuSood) March 6, 2021

Hand pumps installed in Bundelkhand are
common in Jhansi and surrounding areas of Uttar Pradesh. In Bundelkhand, every possible effort is also going to solve the water problem. In such a situation, when a video of Jhansi’s old Amma surfaced on social media, Sonu Sood again came forward to help. For the villagers who have been facing water problems for a long time, when there were hand pumps in the village, their happiness was no longer there. The villagers also wrote Sonu Sood, ‘If I get a chance, I will definitely come to Jhansi to drink the water of this hand pump. Anyway, the right to water belongs to these people more than us. This video is going viral on social media. Retweeting IPS officer Surya Pratap Singh has praised Sonu Sood by tweeting this.


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