RadhaKrishn 8th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Rishi rom harshan tells balram that he’s anticipating him given that years. Balram receives glad listening to that. Rishi says he needs to say that some thing krishna is doing is proper and he can never do whatever wrong. Balram says he knew his kanha is always proper and requests him to accompany him to dwarka and percentage his know-how there. Rishi smirks and remembers telling shukracharya that he’s going to receive balram as his scholar and could initiate him against krishna. Sukracharya indicates him to do contrary,

take delivery of balram as his student first and then take him on a wrong route. Out of flashback, he indicates balram to accept him as guru first if he wants to take him alongside. Balram luckily consents. Krishna thinks balram is selecting a incorrect guru and might need to sacrifice his thumb like ekalavya. Jamvati gets satisfied seeing her son again to ordinary. Rukmini gets tensed seeing environmental trade and questions krishna. Krishna says its a signal of destroyal of dwarka. She gets tensed. He says he hurt his brother and is in deep sorrow.

She tries to comfort him. Balram brings rishi rom harshan to dwarka. Rishi says looks like dwarka is at the verge of destroyal due to sins on it. Balram pleads to do something. Rishi says he’s going to stop the catastrophe with an yagna. Nishant walks in and asks balram why he everyday a guru as opposed to combating with krishna for his rights. Balram asks him to touch rishi’s feet.

Rishi says a son misbehaving along with his father is a huge sin and he will exchange his thoughts. Nishant holds his toes and says his hatred for his father is long gone and he feels most effective love for his father. Balram receives more satisfied and walks away with rishi’s convocation. Rishi praises nishanth for his appearing. Nishant says shukracharya had already alerted him of his plan, he can do anything to peer his father as a king. Saambh sees radha busy in arrangements and addressing her mother radha asks if a person has arrived. She gets emotional hearing that. He says he is experiencing a new life and doesn’t have any grudge left in his mind. Rukmini noticing that announces saambh has modified after giving delivery to a mussal/flail. Nishath apologizes krishna for misbehaving with him.

Revati receives happy hearing that and hugs nishanth emotionally. Nishanth says they will gain information from guru rom harshan. Saambh requests nishanth to tell him if he wishes any help and are seeking rishi’s steering for him. Nishanth says rishi desires handiest properly for dwarka. Krishna says anything balram needs will happen in dwarka from heron. Nishanth acts and says he is very happy seeing his love for his elder brother. Balram brings rishi and his convocation to palace.

Precap: rishi gives a poison to nishanth and asks him to mix it in food and serve it to complete dwarka. Krishna thinks how to explain balram that his rishi desires to wreck dwarka.


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