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The Tamil Nadu State Transport Workers’ Union has announced an indefinite strike across the state from February 25, emphasizing various demands, including a pay rise.

The Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation has 21,000 buses. The state transport workers’ unions say 1 lakh workers will take part in the strike. Thus, the government claims that 80% of bus traffic will be affected.

The Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TSTC) is hopeful that the buses will run on a regular basis without any delay as only the unions belonging to the opposition DMK, CBI and CPM will be on strike.

State Transport Department officials said: “It is not right to announce a strike while negotiations are underway. So far only 3 rounds of talks have taken place. The government has said it will consider all their requests. It will take some time to allocate the necessary funds to the Transport Corporation, which is already running at a loss. The strike is expected to put pressure on the government ahead of the budget session.

We spoke to K. Natarajan, State Treasurer of the DMK from IE Tamil about the strike notice of the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation workers.

Why the State Transport Corporation workers’ strike is taking place. We asked K. Natarajan what the demands of the workers were.

K. Natarajan replied, “The Tamil Nadu government should basically protect the state transport corporations. The Government of Tamil Nadu should provide funds to bridge the gap between the revenue and expenditure of the State Transport Corporation. The government should provide funds to repair the loss. The workers’ wage increase agreement is pending with effect from 1.09.2019. Now 18 months have passed. After that we put all our demands first. The committee has been put on hold for negotiations. However, no decision has been taken yet in this regard. We also had a round of talks with the Minister. We also had a round of talks with the Secretary of Transportation. It did not say what the next negotiation date would be. What is the problem now is that 18 months have already passed. Now, If the date of the election has been announced, they will say that they cannot talk about the election code of conduct coming into force. A further 5 months will run if the next government comes. That is why we have raised these issues and declared a strike.

Is it said that only the DMK, CBI and CPM unions are involved in the strike?

not like that. We have 9 associations with us. These 9 unions, we have been on strike 3 times so far when this state machine is cheating us. At that time 95 percent of the workers stood with us. This is not just political. There are real demands. ” He said that.


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