RadhaKrishn 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Radha tells Krishna that her goal changed into to defend Krishna’s photo and assist Sam. Krishna says he doesn’t suppose she is a hit this time and helped Sam. She asks why is he pronouncing this. He walks away asking her to rest. Sam feels on the spotaneous ache comfort after consuming Jamvati’s given medicinal drug and informs Jamvati. Jamvati rejoices listening to that. He collapses. Laxmana says he’s worn-out after bearing severe ache, subsequently they have to permit him rest. Krishna prepares medicinal drug in his room whilst Radha walks in. He says he requested her to rest. Balram walks in subsequent and says he added Radha here. Krishna says their goal failed. Radha asks Balram to talk what he got here for. Balram asks Krishna to make him a king for an afternoon as in line with Nishath’s wish. Krishna says Dwarka is Balram extra than his. Balram says he simply desires to relax Nishath’s anger. Krishna sits sadly. Radha says Krishna is unhappy that Balram in preference to pronouncing himself is looking for his permission. Krishna says he can’t make Balram a king even for a second. Balram is harm and asks reason. Krishna says he can kill him instantly, however he can’t make him a king. Balram walks away extra harm.

Radha asks Krishna why did he do this. Krishna says being a Dwarkadish, one has to sacrifice huge and he can’t permit Balram sacrifice, there can be a catastrophe in Dwarka soon, etc. Sam receives exertions ache again. Jamvati rushes to name Radha. Radha sees weather converting and questions Krishna. Krishna says nature is sensing upcoming trouble. Shukracharya tells Shalv that he wishes Sam’s hatred in the direction of Krishna as a weapon. Jamvati rushes to Krishna and pleads him to assist Sam. Krishna says he warned her now no longer to assist Sam and permit him endure his sins, however they didn’t listen. Jamvati rushes to Saambh again and sees him giving beginning to a musal/flail. Shukracharya says musal is the maximum effective weapon if you want to spoil Dwarka and Krishna’s clan.

Krishna well-knownshows Radha approximately Gandhari’s curse and says Yadukul clan’s detroyal has began out now. Radha and Jamvati rush in the direction of Sam’s room. Balram breaks the door open. They all three see a big musal over Sam and shift him out. Shukracharya tells Shalv that even Krishna is fearful of this musal. Radha and Balram stroll to Krishna and asks if he understand what that musal is. Krishna says it’s going to spoil entire Dwarka. Shukracharya says musal’s one blow will spoil Dwarka, this present day can be known as musal parv.

Precap: Shukracharya says Balram will begin Krishna’s end. Balram accepts rishi Rom Harshan as his guru. Krishna feels unhappy seeing that.


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