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Lada dreams of Krishnajara teaching him archery and promising to make him a successful fighter. I think she gets up worried and will not allow Krishna to return to the jungle and see Jara again. She hits Krishna’s room and collides with him. Krishna asks her where she is in a hurry and lets her sit down. She says her wrist was sprained. He says he will get medicine for you. She stops him and her fears don’t leave him alone, she says. He asks what happened to make her so nervous. She says there is a Jara arrow where he had water, then she goes to Jara’s house and leaves her ring in Jara’s house so that he can stop hunting and hurt Krishna. increase. Please say it’s a coincidence. She insists that he returns the ring to Jara and withdraws his promise. Krishna says he cannot withdraw his promise. She says he doesn’t have to worry about her pain and goes away fiercely. Krishna wants to keep him away from her pain, but she unknowingly pushes him there.

Sam invites Shukracharya to explain what he has heard and ask how Jara got the ring from Lada. Shukracharya says it was Krishna Rila / Magic that Jara got the talented ring from Krishna. Sam must discover the connection between Jara and Krishna, discovering more information through his knowledge. Lada approaches Lukmini and tells him that Krishna does not agree to withdraw his promise with Jara, so somehow he must have him withdraw his promise. Sam listens to their conversation.

Lukmini steps into Krishna. Krishna said she wanted to tell her about her fear of Lada. Lukmini says that if Lada was so afraid of her dreams and she loved her so much, why she couldn’t break her promise to him, he began to talk about the same thing. increase. Krishna says it can’t. At least ask her. He says he can’t. She reminds him of the vows made during their wedding and asks him to break the promise he made to Jara. He says he can’t promote Lada’s dream and can’t even agree with her. Lukumini is disappointed and leaves.

Lada listens to their conversation and locks her in her room, thinking she won’t talk to or meet Krishna. She finds out that Krishna was already in her room with her medicine and she asks him to leave. He asks her to apply her medicine and says she is doing her best for them. Lada asks him if he can fulfill the wishes of her and Rukumini. He says he needs to apply the drug to find out why. She agrees. She applies the medicine to her bent wrist. She asks him to persuade Lukmini first. He agrees and says it will end Lada’s pain. Lada says Lukmini wouldn’t agree. He says he is on the path of truth and that Lucmini also supports the truth.

Sam arrives in the jungle and asks his soldiers about Jara’s house. The soldier gives him his address and asks why everyone wants Jara’s address. Sam asks who else has come. Last night, a devout woman says. Sam notices his Radha and goes to Jara’s house. Krishna steps into Lukmini. Lukmini says he did not respect his wife’s wishes. He says he will grant her wishes and will release her from all the relationships and promises he has made to her. Upon hearing this, Lukumini shattered. Lada asks how she can break her relationship with Lukmini and asks him to withdraw her words. Krishna denies this. Lukumini cries loudly. Lada comforts her and asks Krishna why she is bothering Lukmini. Krishna says that those who are related to them are worried that he is no longer associated with Lucmini. Lukmini says he will leave Dwarka when he loses his relationship with Dwarka. He remains unrestrained.

In advance: After Krishna breaks her relationship, Lukmini asks Lada not to stop her. Lada confronts Krishna, but he disagrees.


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