RadhaKrishn 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Saambh disguised as a girl calls rishi Durvasa and his group as hypocrites/pakhandi. Durvasa receives angry. Everyone receives worried seeing Durvasa getting angry. Saambh exhibits his identification and says all rishis are hypoocrites who with out figuring out him as a male gave boon of a baby birth. Krishna thinks Saambh did a huge mistake. Balram says he knew most effective Saambh can do heinous acts. Saambh keeps insulting Durvasa and his group. Durvasa curses him that he’s going to undergo a baby like a girl. Saambh laughs however then knowing the effect of Durvasa’s anger receives afraid. Radha requests Durvasa to forgive Saambh as he’s Krishna’s son. Durvasa says he got here to assist Dwarka, however Krishna’s rogue son’s heinous act spoilt everything. Saambh holds Durvasa’s toes and pleads to forgive him. Durvasa pushes him and walks away. Saambh cries and calls Shukracharya for assist.

Radha requests Krishna to assist his son. Krishna says entire Dwarka is cursed due to Saambh and asks her to do what she thinks proper and aid Sam. He keeps expressing his thought. Radha consoles crying Saambh and says he has to undergo the curse and entire own circle of relatives will assist him. Shukracharya on the opposite aspect laughs looking Durvasa cursing Saambh and tells his devotees that due to Saambh, entire yadukul extended family and Dwarka can be destroyed; he foresaw a weapon that is born through Saambh and could kill Krishna. Devotees receives glad listening to that and says they have to give up begin celebrating Krishna’s destroyal. Shukracharya says they have to damage the roots earlier than finishing the tree. He describes approximately king Shalvi who’s Mahadev’s devotee like him and desires to see Krishna’s give up.

King Shalv meditates surrounded via way of means of hearthplace and calls Mahadev to emerge in the front of him. His navy leader thinks he’s caught in hearthplace and units it off. Shalv receives angry. Army leader apologizes him. Shalv recollects Krishna killing his bestfriend Sishupal and kidnapping Rukmini in the course of her swayamvar. He determines to give up Krishna and burning his navy leader in hearthplace insists Mahadev to emerge and deliver him a weapon to kill Krishna.

Precap: Radha seeing peacock feathers searches Krishna, however doesn’t discover him. King Shalv thinks Krishna will pay attention most effective to his death.


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