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Pooja Bhatt, a well-known Bollywood actress and elder daughter of the Bhatt family, is celebrating her 49th birthday today. She has come back from ‘Sadak 2’ last year after a long distance from films, in which her sister Alia Bhatt played the lead. Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt worked together on this project. But things did not always go well between the father-daughter duo. Media reports believe that Mahesh Bhatt’s second wife Sonu Razdan was Pooja Bhatt’s biggest enemy. There was a huge uproar when Mahesh first told Pooja about Soni.

Pooja Bhatt had told about this entire incident in one of her interviews. After giving information about Soni Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt also gave Pooja a chance to express her anger. Pooja Bhatt told Stardust in an interview – ‘He never hid anything from me. One day I was fast asleep and at half past one in the morning they woke me up and said that I meet another woman, Pooja. I have an affair with him, I wanted to tell you ‘.

pooja bhatt mahesh bhatt

Pooja Bhatt also told that her mother did not even know about it. However, Pooja admits that this shows how honest Mahesh Bhatt is with his daughter. On the talk show of Simi Grewal, Mahesh Bhatt also told about this incident. He said- ‘I went and I told Pooja what is going on between her father and this girl. He just looked at me and nodded. I don’t know what he meant ‘.

He told that ‘before there were many problems, she was an evil seductress who took away her father from her. I let them express their anger ‘. At the same time, Pooja told Stardust that she hated Sonu very much for this and also got angry after hearing her name. Pooja said that she did not hate her father because Mahesh did not leave her alone even after an affair with Soni. He kept coming home and also helped financially.

Soni and Pooja’s relationship is better now. Pooja says that ‘Time has cured my heartache. We started talking hi, hello and talking. Started from there and now we are good friends’.


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