RadhaKrishn 23th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Krishna broadcasts a wrestling suit among him and Vidurath until they get worn-out and entire global is their wrestling ground. Vidurath says he’ll kill Krishna and take his brother’s revenge. Krishna asks him to assault first. Vidurath catches him. Krishna recollects Balram’s teachings and throws him on ground. Everyone clap for him. Krishna then runs. Vidurath receives worn-out jogging at the back of him and made him devour extra meals to get worn-out easily, however he’ll now no longer spare him today. Krishna runs to Radha and says allow us to go to Gopis’ village. Radha asks what approximately his wrestling suit. Krishna says Vidhurath has were given a boon of now no longer to get defeated, however he can get worn-out and take delivery of defeat himself. Radha says he crossed his witty limits today. They run seeing Vidhurath at the back of them.

Sukracharya tells Shalv that he can not accept as true with Krishna. Shalv says Krishna can not win over Vidhurath. Soldier informs that Krishna ran farfar from battlefield.
Sukracharya says Krishna could be very witty and its tough to seize him. Shalv shouts in anger. Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that his aradhya plans the whole lot in advance and shall we see what he does next. Krishna with Radha maintains jogging and forestalls in a jungle. Radha says they ought to preserve jogging otherwise Vidhurath will seize him. Krishna says he can not Vidhurath in any respect and asks her to put together some thing for them. She asks in which will she get grocery here. He asks her to test at the back of tree. She unearths pots and asks if he deliberate the whole lot beforehand. He says he desires to spend best moments together along with her until they’re on earth, he’ll put together meals for her whilst she rest.

Vidhurath searches Krishna shouting he’s a fugitive and in place of combating like a real warrior ran away. Shalv’s infantrymen be part of to assist him discover Krishna. Krishna prepares meals for Radha. Radha hears Vidhurath shouting and says he’s coming close to them. Krishna says he’ll now no longer and could face issues earlier than that. Net falls on Vidhurath and infantrymen and maintains shouting. Krishna says he doesn’t need Vidhurath to wreck their adorable night time and desires to provide monstrous happiness to his Radha. Radha says if each lover loves like him, there won’t be any trouble withinside the global. Vidhurath notices smoke and follows it. Radha denies to have kheer and says even Vidhurath is hungry, they are able to have ceremonial dinner at Gopis’ village. Krishna says she has monstrous mercy and love for absolutely each person and is concerned even for an asur.
Soldier informs Shalv that Krishna is heading toward a village. Shalv says they ought to discover a manner to assist Vidhurath. Shukracharya says they’ll get Krishna close to Vidhurath through magic.

Precap: Vidhurath captivates Gopis to pressure Krishna to combat with them. Krishna heads to store Gopis.


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