RadhaKrishn 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Rishi Durvasa pours kheer on Krishna. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Durvasa is insulting Krishna. Mahadev says Krishna is accepting it as a honor, even Durvasa is certain through destiny otherwise he wouldn’t do that. Radha confronts Durvasa and asks he can not insult Krishna. Durvasa says like he didn’t permit her to assist Krishna Rukmini, she can not intervene now. Radha says she can not tolerate everyone insulting Krishna. Durvasa says she is insulting a brahman. Radha says she wouldn’t permit even Brahmadev to insult Krishna. Krishna requests her to loosen up and sends her away. He apologizes Durvasa next. Durvasa asks Sam to wash is father. Radha returns to her room and cries seeing Durvasa’s unjustified act. Rukmini asks him to loosen up as Durvasa is a short-tempered rishi. Radha asks he to depart her on my own for sometime. Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that Durvasa is a totally conscientious rishi and wouldn’t some thing with out a reason, they want to discover his intentions.

Krishna walks Sam. Sam says its exact that he apologized Durvasa and managed his anger otherwise there could had been a large disaster. Krishna is aware of what occurred and what could have occurred. Durvasa walks to Radha and apologizing her requests her to accompany him to Krishna. They attain Krishna. He touching Krishna’s ft apologizes him and says he needed to pour kheer on him with a reason. Sam meets Shukracharya and excitedly describes how Durvasa poured kheer on Krishna. Shukracharya says Durvasa could be very informed and should have finished it with a reason. Durvasa exhibits that Dwarka’s quit is nearing and Krishna’s existence is in danger, so he poured kheer on him to created a shielding protect on his frame and every time kheer touched his frame might be robust like a diamond. Radha receives satisfied listening to that. Durvasa says no person can put together higher kheer than Radha, enjoys her organized kheer, and says he’s having the sort of tasty kheer for the primary time and it has Radha Krishna’s love in it. He then walks away pronouncing he wishes to guard Dwarka now and could ship his college students rishi Bhragu and others to carry out yagna. Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that he advised her that Durvasa did it with a reason.

Radha and Krishna chat close to lake. They explicit their love for every other. He sees dust on her ft and insists to scrub them. She says she can not permit him contact her ft. He insists and runs in the back of her, then says she will be able to wash his ft first after which he’ll wash her ft. She agrees. He washes her ft and he or she washes his ft. He says their dust is jumbled together water and could guard entire Dwarka now. Shukracharya noticing Durvasa’s plan tells Sam that he knew Durvasa is as much as some thing and asks Sam to forestall Durvasa’s college students to attain Dwarka and carry out yagna. Sam disguised as a female meets rishis and says she forgot direction to her house. They conform to assist her attain home. He smirks and thinks they may now no longer attain Dwarka now.

Precap might be brought later.


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