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Krishna wakes up withinside the morning and locating his shoes and garments lacking thinks servant forgot to maintain them. Radha walks to him. He says his shoes and garments are lacking and he’s going to make preparations himself as he’s getting past due for sabha. Radha says she can be able to get him prepared to reveal her double love for him. Rishi Durvasa reaches Dwarka and locate the course blocked with water fumes that Krishna insulted him after inviting him right here thru Sam. He reaches major door and is stopped with the aid of using defend. He receives greater indignant and says Krishna insulted him with the aid of using calling right here and blocking off his way. He offers curse that Dwarka’s doorways might be closed till Krishna cheers him up and walks in.

Krishna says Radha additionally desires to be embellished and gives his peacock feather to her. Their verbal exchange keeps whilst defend informs that Rishi Durvasa is coming and is cursing every body at the way. Radha reminisces Durvasa cursing Ayan and asks how did Durvasa come suddenly. Krishna says not anything occurs suddenly. They each stroll out. Rukmini and others accumulate and tell that each one residents are in worry seeing Durvasa cursing them. Krishna says Durvasa doesn’t come uninformed. Sam says he forgot to tell him approximately Durvasa’s arrival as he were given a message past due night. Krishna orders every body to deal with Durvasa well. Durvasa reaches Krishna and indicates his anger. Krishna greets and apologizes him. Durvasa says he referred to as him right here and insulted him with the aid of using last doorways on him. Krishna says he have to have come informed. Durvasa asks if he’s going to educate him what to do.

Sam acts and says he’s going to wash Durvasa’s feet. Durvasa says once more Sam calmed him down otherwise he might cursed Krishna for his mistake lengthy ago. Radha asks what did Krishna do. Durvasa says Krishna’s Gopis entered his hut the previous day after sundown and its an insult to his brahmacharya. Krishna says they did incorrect and apologizes on their behalf. Rukmini invitations Durvasa for ceremonial dinner. Durvasa asks what’s found in sweets. Rukmini says burfi, laddoo, and different sweets. Durvasa asks if they may now no longer feed him Krishna’s well-known kheer. Radha says she can be able to put together it. Durvasa insists Gopis have to put together it. Gopis agree. Sam recalls rishi Shukracharya giving him poison to combine in kheer and poisoning Durva’s mind and coronary heart to pressure him to curse Krishna.

Radha receives tensed seeing Gopis making ready kheer improperly. Krishna enters and calms her down. Sam peeps in and watches them hiding. Rukmini serves ceremonial dinner to Durvasa and requests him to have until Gopis carry kheer. Radha hopes Gopis put together kheer properly. Gopis end making ready kheer. Sam in lieu of tasting it mixes poison in it. Gopis serve kheer to Durvasa. Durvasa tastes it and alleges that they conspired to combine poison in kheer and kill him. Krishna says he’s mistaken. After a good deal apologizes and requests to forgive Gopis, Durvasa insists Krishna and Rukmini to put together sparkling kheer with out Radha’s assist. Krishna agrees. Durvasa feels unhappy that he has to hassle Radha Krishna is he helpless and sure with the aid of using fate.

Rukmini and Krishna put together kheer and flavor it. Sam prepares some other kheer and attempts to alternate it. Radha prays Mahadev to assist Radha Krishna. Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that an evil thoughts can not damage kheer now and forestalls Sam thru his superpowers from touching kheer pot. Rukmini returns and takes kheer along. Devi Gauri feels there won’t be any issues on Radha Krishna now. Mahadev says he’s worried approximately Durvasa’s anger. Durvasa tastes kheer and says Krishna insulted him once more with the aid of using serving him spoilt kheer. Krishna apologizes him. Durvasa orders him to cast off his jwelery and garments and insults him with the aid of using pour kheer over him.

Precap: Radha says but huge someone is, he can not insult Krishna. Durvasa curses her.


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