RadhaKrishn 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Krishna orders guards to welcome Vidhurath. Vidhurath is surprised to peer an enemy welcoming him and asks Krishna what’s he as much as as he didn’t neglect about him killing his brother Dantavakra. Krishna says Dantavakra died because of his sins. Vidhurath says Krishna killed Dantavraka with a trick and demanding situations him for a wrestling suit. Radha sees items on her mattress and thinks best Krishna can do this. Satyabhama enters and asks if best Krishna can present her. Radha receives satisfied seeing her. Satyabhama says she is getting back from piligrimage and in each temple noticed Radha Krishna’s praises. She suggests her Gopis’ letters inviting them to their villages.

Balram receives irritated on Vidhurath for tough Krishna. Krishna calms him down and asks Vidhurath to just accept Dwarka’s hospitality. Vidhurath says he got here right here to battle and win. Krishna says his want can be fulfilled, however he has to just accept his hospitality as consistent with Dwarka’s rules. Vidhurath says if he wins, Krishna has to announce that he’s universe’s maximum effective man. Balram asks now no longer to offer any promise. Krishna says he’s going to if Vidhurath wins and asks Pradyumna to attend to Vidhurath. Krishna then meets Radha at lake shore. Radha says he standard Vidhurath’s project for a wrestling suit and additionally promised Gopis to go to them, how will do each challenge at once. He asks her to consider him and play bansuri for him. She performs bansuri.

Shalv with military waits at Dwarka border and tells Shukracharya that he’s going to assist Vidhurath win over Krishna with the aid of using attacking Dwarka and making Balram busy in war. Shukracharya says he trusts him. Krishna arranges a sabha subsequent day. Vidhurath enters insulting Krishna and demanding situations him to get down and battle with him. Balram says he’s a idiot and ought to realize that elder brother wrestles first. Vidhurath receives tensed questioning he’s going to lose if he fights with Balram and hopes Shalv and Shukracharya execute their plan. Shalv assaults Dwarka.

Gaurds tell Balram. Vidhurath name callings Balram to head and keep Dwarka. Balram leaves and receives busy in a war. Vidhurath demanding situations Krishna once more Pradyumna, Anirudh, and Sam project him. He humiliates Krishna and shuts their mouth and demanding situations Krishna to pick out a wrestling ground. Krishna accepts project and says he’s going to pick wrestling ground. Vidhurath says he’s going to give up Krishna.

Precap: Krishna and Vidhurath face every different in a wrestling suit. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev how can Krishna win over Vidhurath who has were given a boon now no longer to lose in a wrestling suit. Mahadev says allow us to wait and watch.


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