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Radhika thinks Hanumanji has ashtisiddhi and naunidhiyan and even Parvati ji is not coming to help her, so what should she do now. Devi Parvathi feels bad seeing Radhika tensed. Mahadev returns to her. She asks why did he come early as he was meditating. He says he had to come as Hanuman called him. She asks why. He says Hanuman wants him to inform him about Radha. She says not at all as nobody helping Radha. He says Krishna is helping Radha. She says he shouldn’t help Hanuman as nobody is helping her friend Radha and he will not inform anything about Radha. He agrees and thinks he is stuck in a dilemma, he cannot reject Hanuman’s request and even cannot make Gauri angry, he doesn’t know what to do now. He emerges in front of Hanuman. Hanuman says he is happy to meet him after many years. Mahadev asks why did he call him. Hanuman says he knows about his and Radha’s challenge, so he wants to know about Radha’s powers and all her secrets. Mahadev says he is stuck with a promise and cannot help him. Hanuman asks what promise. Mahadev says Hanuman cannot understand it as he is not married, he can help him but can just say that devi Radha has one superpower which he doesn’t know of. Hanuman thanks him and thinks what powers Radha has which he doesn’t know of.

Krishna walks in and asks if he met Mahadev. Hanuman says Mahadev met him and informed that Radha has a superpower which he doesn’t know of. Krishna asks if he can help. Hanuman says no as Radha is pious and kind hearted and he cannot trick her, but he cannot understand what superpower Radha has. Krishna says he can understand his dilemma, so he will postpone the competition. Hanuman says there is no need for that, but he is confused which weapon Radha has as Pashupatastra belongs to Mahadev, etc. Krishna thinks now Radha and Hanuman will compete and let us see who will win.

Sam gathers Dwarka citizens and announces that Radha and Hanuman will prove their devotion. Radha walks in followed by Hanuman who walks in with Krishna. Sam says both opponents are standing against each other and with their knowledge and intelligence will prove who is the superior devotee. Krishna addresses citizens that he knows they consider Radha as superior devotee, but they should give a fair chance to Hanuman and see if they can learn something from him. Laxmana tells Sam that she is worried that Radha will win. Sam asks not to worry as Hanuman is very strong. Krishna asks Hanuman if he is tensed. Hanuman says not at all as his prabhu Ram is there for him. Krishna says let us start the competition now.

Guard informs Balram that Radha and Hanuman’s competition of devotion has started. Balram thinks he cannot get out of this room due to laxman rekha and tells Krishna that he wants to get out of here and watch the competition. Krishna asks him not to worry as he has divyadrishti/divine sight to watch the competition from there itself. Balram says he forgot and watching the event thinks Radha looks very confident and will defeat Hanuman for sure. Gauri seeing that asks Mahadev how can Radha defeat Hanuman. Mahadev says Krishna has organized this competition as he wants to give a special message to the world via Hanuman and Radha’s competition. Gauri asks what Krishna wants too prove with this competition. He asks to enjoy watching the devotion of Radha and Hanuman.

Krishna asks Hanuman to prove his devotion first. Hanuman says all his powers come from his Prabhu Sri Ram. He takes his gigantic form and says he can do this as whole universe is in his prabhu Sri Ram. Gauri hearing that tells Mahadev that Hanuman is right. Everyone see Hanuman disappearing and think where did he go. Hanuman says he can convert into a minute form due to his Animasiddhi, he can become smaller than an atom with his prabhu’s blessings and nobody can watch him with their naked eyes. He takes his original form and challenges all the powerful people present there to try to shake his foot. He takes prabhu Ram’s name and asks Nishant to try first. Nishant and then Ulmukh fail to even shake his leg. Sam tries next and fails. Balram thinks its proved that Hanuman is very strong. Hanuman says this power is because of Garima Siddhi which is given by his prabhu, hence they cannot even shake his leg. Krishna thinks Hanuman is giving Radha a toughest challenge, let us see how will she prove her devotion is superior.

Precap: Sam tells Laxmana that Hanuman is very powerful, but they will take Karmaphal data Shani’s help to defeat Radha. Krishna gets tensed seeing Shani’s arrival.


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