RadhaKrishn 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Radha Krishna imprint their fingers on stones of a moment. Radha says it’ll take lots of time to construct this monument. She reminds him of a dream and then Dwarka became constructed right away and says even this monument may be constructed right away. He maintains a stone on floor and all different stones be part of in to come to be a huge pillar/minaret. Radha asks if he’s the use of his superpowers once more to construct this monument. Krishna says they’ll be immerse in an detail they’re made of, in addition one stone is attracting every other stone to come to be a monument a good way to be a image in their love. He asks her to imprint her hand on a flag and enlarging themselves fixes flag on monument and says its a image in their love now.

Sam meets rishi Durvasa. Angry Durvasa asks why did he come right here uninvited. Sam retaining his ft pleads to just accept is invitation. Durvasa asks who’s he. He says he’s Krishna’s son and got here to ask him to Dwarka. Durvasa denies to accompany him till he finishes his yagna. Sam requests to permit him shield him from asurs until he finishes yagna. Durvasa asks if he’s able to shielding him. Sam says he’s Mahadev’s ansh/component and might address asurs. Durvasa asks him to hold women/Gopis farfar from him as he’s a brahmachari and sends them to a hut out of doors his ashram. Shukracharya noticing it sends his asurs to assist Sam. Asurs attain and order Durvasa to prevent his yagna as they need to live on this jungle. Sam opposes the and fights with them, then thinks he have to undergo a few hits to make it seem like real. He falls down. Asur walks toward Durvasa. Sam receives up and kills all asurs. Durvasa finishes his yagna and seeing his bravery guarantees to accompany him to Dwarka. Sam acts happy. Gopis additionally reward him. Sam

Sam asks Shukracharya approximately his subsequent plan. Shukracharya says he despatched his asur devotee already to execute his plan. Asur disguised as a rishi sends gopis to Durvasa’s room Rudravas agets irritated seeing them and says he in no way permits any girl in his hut after sundown and threatens to burn them alive. They plead him to forgive them for his or her mistakes. Sam says gopis are harmless and simply dance round Krishna, Krishna should have taught them this. Durvasa receives greater irritated and determines to punish Krishna.

Radha feels unhappy that they’ll be leaving the arena soon. Krishna consoles her and says they’ll be on the earth for a few greater time and could end some unfinished tasks. He asks Radha to get prepared for his or her subsequent adventure and create a image on water. Radha thinks what’s going to he do subsequent. Sam thinks Durvasa will attain Dwarka to kill Krishna, he’s going to now no longer tell Krishna approximately Durvasa’s arrival in any other case he’s going to damage his plan.

Precap: Durvasa asks Krishna if he’s going to now no longer serve him kheer. Krishna says he himself will put together kheer. Sam spoils kheer.
Durvasa receives irritated after having kheer and says Krishna insulted him and no one can prevent him from punishment.


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