RadhaKrishn 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Radha dreams about Sam making yaduvanshis battle and saying Krishna will kick the bucket now. A toxophilite shoots Krishhna’s foot, and Krishna yells Radha. She awakens from rest stressed for Krishna and says she saw an awful dream of his demise in brahma muhurat and is concerned for him. He attempts too quiet her down and asks not to think a lot. She says she can’t delete this fantasy from her memory and leaves. Krishna strolls to Devaki’s room and seeing her dozing attempts to leave. She stops him. He says he considered not upsetting her as of now. She says when he was brought into the world at 12 PM, he didn’t consider unsettling influence then, at that point, why presently; meeting darlings needn’t bother with time limitation. She after much talk says she realizes Radha is furious on her. He says she comprehend his psyche without talking. She says nothing can be stowed away from mother. Krishna says Radha asthami/birthday is coming. She asks what has he made arrangements for Radha ashtami. He will design something without a doubt, he wouldn’t cleared his see any problems in the event that he had not addressed her, a mother’s affirmation quiets a youngster. He expresses gratitude toward her and leaves.

Krishna goes into Radha’s room and seeing her getting upset by moonlight covers her face with his hand and afterward arranges moon to stow away. He then, at that point lights and spoils her sitting close to her, says she looks extremely delightful even out of resentment, he took in a ton from mata Devaki and will act with Radha as instructed by mata Devaki; blowing up is likewise essential for affection and he will show she won’t quiet down. Radha opens eyes and feels Krishna around him. Krishna stows away and calling Radha goes about as going into her room. Radha asks what occurred. He says he saw a terrifying dream that Golok’s Gopi gone into his room and are serving him, he glanced cheerful in this alarming dream. She asks how could it be alarming. He says she was not in his fantasy. She thinks however she was not in his fantasy, he was cheerful, so she will attempt to satisfy his fantasy. Krishna figures he will perceive what Radha will do now.

Sam demands Pradyumna to send Anirudh with him to meet Yaduvanshis. Pradyumna says he can’t as its hazardous and inquires as to whether he is correct. Balram says he is correct. Sam says its chance to join yaduvanshis, we need to visit them. Krishna enters and says he is correct, even Balram ought to go with Sam and Anirudh. Sam says there is no requirement for Balram there. Balram says he is correct, he had effectively met Yaduvanshis simply some time back. Krishna says its particularly required and he ought to go to secure Anirudh, yaduvanshis should know who Anirudh is. Balram thinks Krishna is looking for trouble. Sam thinks Krishna is ruining his arrangement. After at some point, Balram asks reason. Krishna says it will assist him with clearing his disparities with Radha and praise her ashthami. Balram asks how might he miss Radha’s birthday. Krishna says he will return on schedule and have Radha’s pre-arranged desserts and proposes not to blow up at any expense.

Precap: Radha sees Gopis preparing Krishna. Rukmini inquires as to whether something is off-base. Radha whines that Krishna needn’t bother with them any longer and is content with Gopis. Krishna thinks he is hanging tight for Radha ashtami.


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