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Krishna tells Radha that universe’s first detail is earth; humans suppose they are able to conceal sins as no one watches them, however earth watches them; so they may create a image in their love on the earth first. She asks which image they may make and where. Shukracharya takes Sam to rishi Durvasa and tells him that Durvasa isn’t always a regular rishi, he’s born thru Mahadev’s anger. He explains that Mahadev as soon as transferred his anger in an arrow and killed asurs, that arrow after killing asurs enters rishi Atri’s spouse Anusuya’s womb who became pregnant with Rishi Durvasa. A king falls for Anusuya and needs to marry her. Anusuya being a pativrata denies him, however king endured her. Anusuya offers delivery to Durvasa. Durvasa as quickly as born burns king and his navy alive. Sam says Durvasa could be very beneficial to them. Shukracharya says he has to by some means awaken Durvasa and take him to Dwarka to burn Krishna alive in his anger.

Krishna digs earth. Radha asks what’s he doing. He says he’s digging earth’s coronary heart as he desires to create a pillar on it and imprint their footprints on it. She asks how will they by myself do this. He says Gopis will assist them. Gopis visit lake to get water to assist Krishna. Sam walks to them and requests water. They supply him water. He says Sri Krishna’s son Sam thank you them. They get satisfied listening to that and says the are Gopis who’re grateful to Krishna and are supporting him construct a shape. He says he got here to take them alongside to ask rishis. They say they may now no longer come with out in search of Krishna’s permission. He receives tensed listening to that.

Shukracharya calls his asurs and orders them to wake Durvasa. They get afraid, however he insists them to comply with his order. Krishna digs earth with Gopis. Sam walks to him. Krishna asks if he got here to assist him. Sam says sure and says he got here to take Gopis alongside to ask rishis who will assist him entire his shape. Krishna permits. Radha asks how will most effective 2 of them construct a shape. He says he isn’t always concerned till she is there with him him. She receives satisfied and feeds him water. He breaks pot and says they ought to experience the moments till they’re on the earth as he can’t wreck pot in Golok. Asurs disturb Durvasa’s meditation with the aid of using humiliating him. He opens eyes and burns them. Shukracharya thinks his venture is entire. Sam takes gopis to ask Durvasa. Durvasa angrily calls his disciples and asks how did asurs disturb his meditation. They express regret and plead to forgive them, then tell him approximately some humans from Dwarka coming to ask him. He asks to provide them in the front of him and thinks how dare they’re to go to his ashram with out his permission.

Krishna with Radha construct a shape in pit, and that they each step on it. Their steps unite. He says even mom earth thinks they’re one. He then tells that they each must face plenty but and their subsequent image could be musal parv. She asks what’s it. She says they may face a wrath quickly. She says they may endure it collectively and could be collectively luckily until their lifestyles ends on the earth. He says allow us to set up a monument of affection then. She asks if they’re at the pillar, will they be in entire monument. He asks what does she mean. She holds his hand and imprinting it on a stone says whether or not basis or monument, they may be in every atom of it.

Precap: Radha receives Krishna equipped and he’s going to her decided on get dressed and jewellery from hereon. Sam thinks something Radha does, Krishna can’t break out from Durvasa’s wrath.


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