RadhaKrishn 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Jara kneels down in the front of Krishna. Radhika asks what’s he doing. Jara says he did a large sin of tricking his guru, he desired to are searching for a boon from Devimaa to be with Krishna constantly with the aid of using turning into his minister and examine archery from him. Krishna asks why he desires to be with him. Jara says he desired to grow to be a capable archer like Arjun and Karn, however seeing Radha and Krishna’s great proper love, his coronary heart changed. Krishna says a real love can extrade every body’s love. Sam seeing his plan failed angrily breaks matters in his room. Laxmana stops him and asks motive for his anger. He says Shukracharya’s plans constantly failed, its higher to extrade a failed guru than being caught with him, he’s going to move and make Shukracharya that he’s a failure.

Krishna breaks Jara’s bow and says to grow to be a capable archer like Arjun and Karn, he desires to have a unique weapon like them. Jara asks how will he get it. Krishna says he desires to look weapon and paintings difficult to get it. Jara takes his benefits contact his ft and leaves to look a unique weapon for him. Sam reaches Shukracharya’s cave angrily. Guard stops him and says Shukracharya ordered that he doesn’t need to fulfill every body today. Sam kills defend and accomplishing Shukracharya provokes him to arise from meditation as his plans failed. Shukracharya angrily punishes him and says he can not kill him as he’s Mahadev’s ansh/part. Sam asks him to do some thing. Shukracharya says Jara can not seek his weapon easily, now they need to give attention to upsetting someone whose anger can burn the entire universe. A rishi is proven meditating.

Krishna searches Radha. Rukmini says Radha is in jungle. He reaches jungle in which Radha recreates Golok there. Krishna asks if she is remembering Golok and desires to move back. She says no, she made golok to hope him. He asks how is it possible. She says while he can pray her, why can’t she pray him. She make him take a seat down on his swing, prays him, and gives him bhog. Krishna asks her motive for bhog. She says with a desire. He says he’s going to end butter quickly to discover her desire. Shukracharya takes Sam to a meditating rishi and says this guy can burn even gods together along with his anger. Sam asks who’s this guy. Shukracharya says he’s rishi Durvasa and if he receives indignant on Krishna, their project can be accomplished. Krishna finishes butter and asks what’s her desire. She says much like this butter ended, their lives may even end, so she desires their like to be remembered forever. He says he’s going to go away five evidences in their love. She asks what are they. Radha says this universe is made from five factors, earth, air, water, fire, and sky; in addition their love is made from five evidences and can be observed on the planet forever; he guarantees that every one five factors can be a signal of affection in Dwarka. She asks how is it possible. She says thru love and says allow us to make their love memorable. She asks what’s he going to do. He says some thing that allows you to make make their reminiscences immortal.

Precap: Radha Krishna mark their steps on a stone. Sam thinks Durvasa will go to Dwarka and could burn Krishna together along with his anger.


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