RadhaKrishn 13th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Bhargavi gifts a chain and pendant to Srinivas and goes to return Vasu’s valuable gift. Srinivas figures Vasu dislike it. Princess Padmavathi lets her companions know that in the event that Vasu gets going with Bhargavi, Bhargavi won’t meet Srinivas, so he really wants to help Vasu. Bhargavi raaches castle to return Vasu’s gift. Bala illuminates Vasu that the lord and rishi Bhrigu are in a sabha to talk about some significant issue, so he ought to meet them and express his longing to wed Bhargavi. Vasu heads towards sabha while Bhargavi gets lost while looking for raj sabha.

Padmavathi prepares to meet Srinivas with gifts figuring he will be cheerful seeing her presents. Srinivas takes a gander at Bhargavi’s gift and figures he will wear it until Bhargavi acknowledges she is his Laxmi. Bhargavi sees princess Padamavathi’s parade passing towards Natraj sanctuary and follows her. Padmavathi asks Mahadev that everything ought to be according to her desire. Bhargavi calls her energetically and strolls towards her. A kumkum thali tumbles down because of a spout of air. Bhargavi strolls on kumkum and strolls towards Bhargavi. Padmavathi asks who is she, her strides seem to be Devi’s strides. Bhargavi says she looks more heavenly and she is cheerful to meet her.

Padmavathi asks again who is she. Bhargavi presents herself. Padmavathi reviews the new occasions and thinks she needed to meet Bhargavi and god sent her. Bhargavi says she came to meet Vasu. Padmavathi says she won’t meddle among them and requests that she proceed to meet Vasu and meet her again while getting back. She figures she will show her that there is a bad situation for Bhargavi among her and Srinivas.

Vasu attempts to enter sabha, yet monitors stop him on the ruler’s organization. Lord looks for Bhrigu’s viewpoint seeing Padmavati’s marriage as he had guaranteed Padmavati to get her hitched to man of her decision. Bhrigu says ruler took an ideal choice and says he is certain Padmavathi will find her ideal match soon. Lord says he will coronate Vasu after Padmavathi’s marriage. Vasu meddles them and says he needs to talk about something significant. Bhargavi strolls in all of a sudden. Bhrigu requests that she take ruler’s gifts. Ruler favors her and says he is glad to see her after numerous years. Vasu says its the best opportunity to discuss his and Bhargavi’s marriage.

Bhargavi says she needs to converse with Vasu and approaches him. He says he is glad to see her in castle. She returns his gift, irritating him. Padmavathi joyfully takes a look at the aromas prior to meeting Srinivas. House keeper illuminates her that Srinivas is coming. Padmavathi races to Srinivas and demands him to shut his eyes and stroll with her. He concurs. She strolls holding his hand and believes Bhargavi ought to be fit to be isolated from Srinivas.

The episode closes.


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