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Madhimuga and Indian Union Muslim League parties in the DMK alliance have announced their seats in the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections.

With the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections set to take place on April 6, the ruling AIADMK and the opposition DMK are actively campaigning in Tamil Nadu.

The DMK-led alliance includes the Congress, Madhimuga, Vizika, CBI, CPM, Indian Union Muslim League, Mamaka, BJP, People’s Liberation Party, Tamil Nadu Right to Life Party and Adi Tamil Peravai. The Congress party has been allotted 25 seats and the Kanyakumari Lok Sabha constituency. Vizika, CPI, CPM and Madhyamaka parties have been allotted 6 constituencies each. In this, Visika and the leftists are competing in a separate symbol. Madhya Pradesh candidates are contesting under the DMK’s Udayasuriya symbol. The IUML has been allotted 3 seats and Mamaka 2 seats. The two parties are competing on a separate symbol.

At the same time, the BJP has been allotted 3 seats, the Tamil Nadu Right to Life Party 1 seat and the Adi Tamil Assembly 1 seat. These parties are competing under the symbol of the rising sun. Following the finalization of the alliance constituency, the DMK is finalizing the constituencies in which the coalition parties will contest. Following this, the DMK is actively working on publishing the list of candidates.

In this context, the DMK, which is in the DMK alliance, has released a list of candidates contesting on behalf of their party. In alliance with DMK, Madhimuga has announced to contest in 6 constituencies namely Sattur, Coimbatore North, Vasudevanallur, Palladam, Madurantakam, Madurai South and Ariyalur.

Following this, the Indian Union Muslim League, which has three seats in the DMK alliance, has announced that it has signed an agreement to contest in Kadayanallur, Vaniyambadi and Chidambaram constituencies. Similarly, Avinashi allotted only one constituency to the Adi Tamil Assembly party in the DMK alliance and signed the agreement.


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