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Qurbaan Hua 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Puducherry Assembly Election 2021: Help three nominated legislators of his party from Puducherry managed to topple the Congress-led government on him in the party (BJP) all here in this union territory India NR Congress (All India NR Congress) to make Ally Wants to Many people say about it that he had insisted on an alliance. Sources in the NR Congress say that its leader N Rangasamy wants to contest the elections alone. Former Chief Minister Rangasamy did not claim to form the government with the support of three BJP-nominated legislators for the remaining few months following the fall of the Narayanasamy government last month. He did not respond to a coalition meeting with BJP leader Nirmal Kumar Surana.

BJP President of Puducherry V Swaminathan today said, “We respect him, we want him to be our Chief Minister. The rest is his decision. He should understand that he can bring change only by aligning with the Center.”

A source close to Rangasamy told NDTV, “The party has good candidates and Rangasamy wants his party to contest at least 18 of the 30 seats to form his government. He feels an alliance with the BJP There is no need. And it will be counter-productive. ”

Another party source said that “maybe the BJP declares him as the chief ministerial candidate and gives him the seats he wants, then he might say yes.”

Congress ally DMK, which had earlier formulated the idea of ​​contesting more seats, has also invited NR Congress to fight as part of UPA. Former DMK minister AMH Nazim said in a video appeal a few days ago, “Congress, DMK and all our allies are ready to stand behind him.”

On the other hand Puducherry Congress President AV Subramanian has also supported it. He said that “This will help the coalition to win a huge majority. We have to end the undemocratic methods being adopted by the BJP.”

A similar stance has come from Kamal Haasan’s party MNM.

The Congress-led five-year-old Narayanasamy government fell due to the resignation of six MLAs, including a minister, last month. Out of these, two including the former Congress chief of Puducherry Namasivam had joined the BJP. Another senior leader Laxminarayan joined the NR Congress.

Although the BJP is likely to contest alone. It is unclear whether its ally AIADMK will continue its relations with the NR Congress or the BJP will go into an alliance.


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