Qurbaan Hua

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Chahat asks Neel why he’s status like an emotional individual so need to prevent this and act like a sensible individual, Neel stops her pronouncing that she has taught him what it approach to be a sensible individual and it’s miles higher for someone to live for his personal self alternatively then loving everybody else, she waves at him and he leaves.

Chahat without delay sits down on her knees crying, Sahil asks her to face as they could make this night time a memorable one, Chahat apologizes pronouncing that there may be no want to fear due to the fact she handiest known as him to make Neel agree with that she has moved on in her lifestyles due to the fact she can’t see the kid Shlok crying and feels that there may be a connection among them each which she can’t understand, Sahil receives mad so questions Chahat why may want to she try this to him, Chahat apologizes pronouncing that she needed to lie approximately their relation then explains that she could additionally pass on in her lifestyles with Dua and their approaches could additionally be separate.

The whole Dhiani own circle of relatives is ready anxiously for Neel, Shlok asks Vyas je if he is aware of wherein Neel is, Vyas je responds that he doesnot understand due to the fact Neel doesnot inform him anything, Neel comes from at the back of calling to his whereabouts, he mentions how he went to get the daughter in regulation of the residence, all and sundry is asking anxiously whilst Alka comes from at the back of, Neel explains that he isn’t always that egocentric so can’t permit Shlok to stay with out a mom, he has consequently buried all of the reminiscences which he had in his coronary heart and now could pass on in order handiest Shlok and Alka could be his lifestyles any longer. Naveli receives tensed questioning what has Chahat done, she seems for her and spots her hiding at the back of them.

Shlok without delay rushes to Toup Singh asking if Alka and his father could be collectively any longer and she or he could additionally now no longer be scolded anymore, Toup Singh asks why does he assume everybody could scold her, he congratulates all and sundry and begins offevolved dispensing the chocolates among them for the coolest information, Naveli pulling her apart asks what has she done, Chahat questions if she is involved due to the fact her plan changed into now no longer successful, Naveli asks how did she come to understand of it, Chahat exhibits that she changed into certainly going out to satisfy Alka whilst she idea what could manifest if she forgot the call so determined to write down it down, she noticed that a person had written with a sturdy grip and so changed into capable of see that it changed into her plan to set up a assembly with Neel.

Naveli asks if she truly met him, Chahat exhibits that she certainly met him and confirmed that she has moved on in her lifestyles so that it will now no longer be collectively, Naveli questions why did she take one of these massive step, Chahat responds it changed into due to Shlok as he considers Alka to be his mom and is surely glad listening to the information of her wedding, Chahat leaves whilst Naveli thinks that it isn’t always a accident that they’re residing beneathneath the identical roof and she or he is aware of that it’s miles his signal Neel and Chahat are intended to be collectively, she prays that there be a miracle due to which Chahat receives married to Neel.

In the morning Godambari asks if the Rangoli changed into made with the call of Neel and Alka, Chahat wonders how can she write the call of everybody else with Neel, Godambari coming down asks what has he made, Shlok asks her to now no longer scold him due to the fact it’s miles an afternoon of happiness and if Troup Singh is worn-out then he in conjunction with Dua could make the Rangoli, Godambari consents and orders Toup Singh to begin readorning the residence with vegetation asking if he could be capable of do it.

Naveli coming to face beside Chahat asks why she isn’t always telling all and sundry the reality approximately her, she is aware of that Neel could be feeling the identical similar to her, Chahat responds there may be no want due to the fact she has grow to be ordinary of residing with a damaged coronary heart and except she couldn’t be the daughter in regulation which Vyas je desires, Chahat responds that it’s miles due to Shlok, she sees him with Dua who’s enthusiastic about the time whilst he could sleep with Neel and Alka, he even consents to permit Dua to sleep with them. She mentions that she is relieved Alka could take accurate care of Neel and maintain him glad, Godamabri asks why is she so anxious, Alka asks if she is asking great, Toup Singh explains she is asking appropriate however there may be simply one issue missing, Alka receives involved, he brings the bowl asking Naveli to carry out the ritual of black teka, Naveli does it and Shlok coming exclaims that now all of the arrangements were finalized and that they need to name Neel so the marriage can manifest, Toup Singh consents to name Neel.

Neel is status in his room with the image of Chahat, Toup Singh comes and is greatly surprised to look Neel remains considering her, he holds his hand and Neel without delay locations the image in his pocket, Toup Singh asks him to include him however Neel asks what the want is due to the fact there may be nevertheless a while for the ritual, Toup Singh says that he’s taking him somewhere else.

Toup Singh brings Neel to the roof, Neel questions why did he carry him right here so Toup Singh says that it’s miles due to the fact he can sense there are lots of factors hidden in his coronary heart, Neel begins offevolved explaining that everybody idea he changed into watching for a female who’s useless however she is in reality alive and handiest acted of loss of life so she may want to marry Sahil who belongs to her personal religion, Neel questions what changed into left in his love for her however he apologizes to Toup Singh who solutions that this changed into the purpose he added him right here so Neel may want to yell and calm himself down, but Neel is anxious whilst Toup Singh asks him to face and yell, he follows the recommendation and then he truly feels calm so hugs Toup Singh now no longer understanding that it’s miles truly Chahat, she thinks he need to hug as tightly as he can as this can be the remaining time they are able to truly hug, she sends Neel downstairs for the ritual.

Chahat begins offevolved crying questioning why does this usually manifest to her and she or he has to go away her love due to a few occasions which can’t be understood, she wonders why her line of affection is made so hard that she is pressured to go away Neel after being so near him.


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