Qurbaan Hua

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Neel asks how did Toup Singh try to pose this inquiry about how Shlok affects him, who is he to scrutinize this and hearing this Toup Singh requests that he see and sort out who he truly is, Chahat is going to uncover reality when Godambari comes addressing what is the matter in view of which he is yelling, Neel showing the paper asks who is the one to give the promotion of his marriage with Alka when he had said it before that he doesnot need to wed Alka, Aalekh says who could it be other than Alka in light of the fact that they all realize she has been living in their home for the desire for wedding Neel, Alka attempts to argue her guiltlessness saying that she didn’t have anything to do with the advertisement.

Shlok remaining next to Dua says that he can’t bear that chiding which Alka is bearing a direct result of their untruths so he will uncover reality to Neel since this is the thing that her mom said in Shimla that one ought not avoid talking reality, Toup Singh hears this and when Shlok is going to say reality, Toup Singh stops him clarifying that he is the person who gave the advertisement in the paper.

Aalekh signals Vyas je who shouts that whatever be the case the information on their marriage has been distributed in the paper and he ought to wed her, he would not have the option to track down a superior young lady then her who loves him with her heart, Neel anyway says that he can’t wed Alka as he suffers a heart attack, Neel is truly distraught with Toup Singh and leaves while Alka likewise leaves crying.

Alka is in her room pressing her assets saying that she would leave since she can’t remain any more, Toup Singh attempts to stop her platitude that she ought not take off from the house, Alka anyway is determined and is strolling to the entryway when Neel enters saying that she ought not take off from the house, Alka is going to leave when Aalekh comes saying that Neel would not wed her since he is as yet not ready to fail to remember Chahat, in any event, when she had left him. Toup Singh shouts that is she not dead, Aalekh inquires as to for what reason is he permitted to talk in their family matters in any event, when he is a worker, yet acknowledges what he has said is valid, Neel says that it isn’t the situation as the lone connection which he has with Chahat is of scorn, Aalekh asks then for what reason does he have a photograph of her in his pocket and for what reason does he not consume it like different recollections which he has of her, Neel is going to consume it yet then stops, Aalekh shouts that he realized Neel would not have the option to do it, Neel leaves the room, Aalekh says to Alka that she would not have the option to wed Neel since he still just loves Chahat and Alka would be compelled to pause, Alka anyway says that she would not stand by any more.

Shlok is begging Alka to not leave asking who might shield him from his dad when he is chastening him, Shlok additionally makes reference to that he can just lay down with Alka and can not eat anything without her so for what reason is she leaving, Alka anyway says that there isn’t anything which can work now and even requests Godamabri to take care from her little Pandit prior to leaving, she notices to Shlok of continually being with him in his memory.

Shlok surges back inside to Neel who is sitting, Shlok begs him to stop Alka saying that he would do whatever Neel arranges and would even exercise every single day anyway Neel standing up apologizes clarifying that he can’t give what Shlok is asking, Neel leaves while Shlok is crying.

Naveli is strolling in the grass feeling that assuming Neel has would not wed Alka, this implies he actually cherishes Chahat and she is the one in particular who realizes that Chahat is living among them, she promises to make them both meet up so brings the scratch pad and records a letter, looks for Neel, she says that there is a letter for her, Neel understands it and afterward imagines that he was not off-base and the individual who he saw was really Chahat.

Naveli returning out from the think that he has send Neel yet how is it possible that she would ask Chahat, she sees her coming so makes reference to that Alka went out in light of the fact that she came to realize that Toup Singh is really Chahat so left reasoning for what reason would anybody need her, Chahat considers what has she done as she unwittingly demolished the place of Alka and grabbed the mother of Shlok from her, Naveli requests that she proceed to disclose everything to Alka as she would hear her out and she should meet her as Chahat,

Neel arrives at the lodging feeling that he possesses been hanging tight for this energy for as far back as seven years as is truly holding on to meet her, he sees Chahat from behind the window at that point sees her sitting tight for somebody and she additionally has a bundle of roses so comes out shouting that she has been hanging tight for quite a while for him, Chahat leaves and embraces Sahil shouting she is the most fortunate young lady to have a spouse like him, she sees Neel at that point specifies that the solitary explanation she called him to the inn was so he could perceive the amount she cherishes Sahil and today is their seventh marriage commemoration and the greatest slip-up in her life was to adore somebody like him as she got drained to being with him and acclimating to the customs of their religion, he ought to likewise fail to remember her and wed a young lady from his own religion as it would be the awesome the two of them.

Precap: Neel returns, Godambari asks where he went as they were totally stressed, Neel specifies that he went to acquire the girl law of their home, he gets down on Alka, clarifying that since Shlok likewise needs a mother so he has chosen to wed Alka, Toup Singh grins seeing his declaration.


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