Qurbaan Hua

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Shlok suppose she could have sold the gift knowing he is coming, he opens the present and it is a canine, shlok right now starts crying going for walks away from the canine who’s barking at him, shlok rushes downstairs while the canine is following him, he runs outside to chahat, hugging her explains the dog is going to chunk him, chahat immediately hugs him exclaiming that not anything incorrect would manifest to him, chahat asks who introduced the canine, dua and alka pop out, she thinks that alka maa would have added the canine for her,

shlok replies that he went into his room and the dog changed into about to bite him, chahat replies that not anything might take place to him, all of them recognise he’s fearful of puppies alka is ready to expose the truth whilst dua reveals that the lavatory belongs to her and is her pet,

chahat asks what’s this because she is aware of shlok is scared of the puppies, dua asks what would she do if he is afraid of the puppies as they constantly do everything together with his will, dua insists on having the domestic dog however chahat says that this can’t occur,

dua exclaims that if she cannot maintain the doggy she will be able to depart with alka, neel orders her to depart the residence alone however alka will now not go along with her, she has to leave by myself, dua taking the pup goes inner, naveli and godambari also take shlok interior, neel leaves asking chahat to provide the concept to alka as now dua desires to be together with her greater than her real mother.

Shlok taking walks in the corridor thinks dua usually says he is scared but if he receives afraid in front of the dog then what’s his mistake,

he walks to the balcony and sees neel running out, shlok thinks that if he gets strength like neel then he might be able to cease the differences among chahat6 and dua, he starts offevolved following neel however isn’t always able to and falls, neel asks what is he doing, shlok replies that he changed into practicing as though he turn out to be robust then chahat would not have to attend to him,

dua might also now not sense that chahat loves her more then him, neel making him sit down asks him to now not be concerned because he is strong,

he power isn’t always being muscular but in his heart, he like his mother can take care of others, more then himself and doesnot even fear about himself, neel is positive that he would be able to give up the differences, shlok replies he has a plan,

neel asks him to percentage his plan, neel laughs after listening to the plan saying that it will in reality paintings. Dua in her room is with the canine, she is massaging him exclaiming she has even named him tinku mian, alka asks why did she take the entire blame in front of neel,

dua replies she additionally heard the scold because of her, why can she not do the equal for her, shlok enters the room, dua requests him to no longer say that tinku mian is scared as though shlok is afraid then what can she do, he must go to dr chahat, shlok asks why does she think maa doesnot love her, due to the fact if that have been the case she might now not allow her keep tinku mian.

Dua thinks, she asks if he absolutely thinks chahat loves her extra, shlok replies he can also show it, so asks her to come along with her, dua feels excited so asking alka to attend and contend with tinku mian while she comes again. Chahat is within the hall talking with the nurse, giving her instructions, shlok even as ready asks her to attend whilst she is talking at the mobile,

he making her sit down says he would show she loves dua more then him, dua remains not convinced, alka additionally comes with godambari and naveli, shlok replies he can prove it, he places the stethoscope at the heart of dua, all of them can pay attention the name of dua, neel alerts shlok remembering how he went to chahat asking what do they call prayer in urdu and he or she took the name of dua,

chahat starts offevolved crying so asks dua to hug her but then godamabri sees the cell so exclaims she doesnot love her and it’s miles all due to the mobile, godamabari disposing of the mobile shows that her name came from it, dua getting mad leaves announcing that she doesnot want to speak to every person of them, neel asks godamabri why did she took out the cell, she leaves with naveli and alka.

Shlok apologizes to chahat, however she asks why the youngsters need to express regret for any sort of fighting between them, they might all actually soon cross as a own family for an ice cream party.

Neel and chahat pay attention the drums beating, bhupinder comes with his bhabhi who’s beating the drums and coming in stops, godamabri says that he has lost his brains after losing his bakery,

aalekh and ghazala additionally input the residence, aalekh hugs bhupinder, saying they might have heard the idiom that the enemy of my enemy is my friend,

they each say that they have got joined hands against them, neel asks them to head out of doors and spot what chahat has executed, ghazala asks them to take a glance out of doors as they will see what chahat has completed, the loader opens the truck which is full of household objects. Ghazala exclaims whilst bhabhi refused the wedding,

chahat bought him after giving the money. Godambari asks why chahat needs them to get naveli married because of the dowery,

bhabhi asks what has she executed incorrect as their daughter is divorced and if chahat has given the cash then what wrong did she do wrong, naveli also asks chahat if she thinks she is so desperate, chahat asks bhabhi what’s she saying as she gave the money,

aalekh stops earlier than she will say something exclaiming she has common it herself that she gave the money for dowery, aalekh balmes she has even commenced the subculture of dowery inside the circle of relatives of the pandits, neel replies their might be a punishment for ruining the picture of the own family, the complete family is greatly surprised.

Episode ends.


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