Qurbaan Hua

Qurbaan Hua 18th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Neel asks Chahat what’s going on, Chahat clarifies he is having seizures as the individuals who are in a state of extreme lethargy tend it get them, Shlok inquires as to whether Dadu would be fine, Chahat guarantees him he would be fine however at that point encourages Shlok to proceed to ask as the supplications of youngsters are heard quicker, Neel removes everybody.

Chahat begins playing out the treatment on Vyas je and she goes the best she ca to help him, Chahat seeing him putting his hand over the chest contemplates whether he is having a cardiovascular failure while everybody is appealing to God for the great wellbeing of Vyas je, Chahat is standing covering her face when Vyas je in the wake of battling quits moving, Chahat figures how she would need to give him an intravascular infusions, she recalling how Vyas je said she is a little girl of the house, she then, at that point gives him the infusions anyway he actually doesn’t move so Chahat is stressed.

Neel is playing out the pooja down the stairs with the family when he closes the pooja, Neel hears the voice of Chahat soi then goes to ask her what’s going on in light of the fact that she is strained, Chahat says it is the snapshot of satisfaction then, at that point focuses to the steps where they all see Vyas je strolling down, Chahat clarifies Baba emerged from the extreme lethargies as a result of their petitions, Neel embraces Vyas je, who plunks down on the couch, Neel apologizes to Vyas je for not being the child who was fit for being the Mant after his dad, Vyas je says he should not think like this as he was brought into the world after the supplications of his mom and him, he wasn’t right to not understand the fantasy of his child, Godambari inquires as to whether Vyas je doesnot need to realize who attempted to kill him, she takes the name of Alka which stresses Vyas je who questions who persuaded Alka to take an off-base way and afterward clarifies she would have been incensed in light of the fact that she couldn’t get the affection for Neel, Vyas je standing clarifies that since now there is nobody to destroy the adoration for Neel and Chahat, he would get them both wedded tomorrow with every one of the ceremonies of both the religions, Godambari asks Vyas jee on the off chance that he doesn’t recollect that tomorrow he should bring the Akhund Jhot, but Vyas je says there are a ton of Pandit who might be glad to satisfy this custom as what might be more propitious for him then, at that point wedding his kids.

Aalekh in his home giggles with energy believing that the second has come for which he imagined since long as presently he would be the one to take the Akhund Jhot while the whole Dhiani family would watch him.

In the first part of the day the whole family is planning for the wedding, Neel and Chahat both see one another and surprisingly signal their affection for them, Vyas je begins playing out the customs according to the Hindu practices thus they are hitched, Vyas je then invites the Qazi Sahab referencing how Neel and Chahat have been hitched according to the religion of Neel however presently he needs them to get into a Nikkah according to the Muslim practices, Qazi Sahab shouts it would be generally a positive thing, Vyas je requests that he come inside. Chahat is sitting when Godamabri comes to sit alongside her referencing how she would play out every one of the ceremonies which a mother performs so would sit close to Chahat, she leans her head against Godambari.

Qazi Sahab inquires as to whether he acknowledges Chahat as his significant other, he says I complete multiple times, Chahat begins grinning when Qazi Sahab inquires as to whether she acknowledges the Nikkah with Neel kand with a dowery of hundred and fifty lacs, does she acknowledge it and when Chahat makes reference to she acknowledges, the Qazi Sahab begins celebrating with happiness, he demands Chahat to sign the papers.

Aalekh goes to the entryway step of the Dhiani house saying that Vyas je should favor him, he goes into the house when gets stunned shouting what is this as he went to their home yet is stunned to see that the greatest Pandit has a Muslim Qazi in his home, this isn’t right as he is the most aware Pandit of Devpriagh, Aalekh shouts now even Bhagwan is his ally as he is the one holding the Akhund Jhot, Aalekh begins shuddering and afterward is going to drop the Akhund Jhot, Chahat requests that Neel ensure Jhot in light of the fact that the Jhot would fall, Chahat sees Aalekh is going to get hit by the lance.

Aalekh awakens while Bopho is adjacent to him, Aalekh asks what befell him when Bopho says that he got an assault and was going to pass on yet was saved on the grounds that Chahat ensured him in the latest possible second, Bopho says that he can leave for the Yatra at whatever point he feels amazing.

Godambari asks Chahat for what reason did she needed to ensure Aalekh, Chahat specifies she was unable to see anybody bite the dust, Aalekh descends saying that she is correct on the grounds that he ought to have kicked the bucket and this would have been the atonement of his wrongdoing, he going to Chahat shouts he has consistently violated her however she saved him right when he was going to pass on, Aalekh apologizes to her, he even bows to Vyas je saying ‘sorry’ when Vyas je shouts that he should just look for retribution from Bhagwan as just he has a major heart to excuse anybody, Aalekh makes reference to he has violated them everything except they ought to pardon him, the overseer comes which stresses everybody when Neel asks who called them, Aalekh answers he was the one to call them and is tolerating that he killed Saraswathi, he then, at that point bows before her photograph saying she should appeal to God for him that doesnot even get a little spot in damnation.

Aalekh going to Chahat says he would be thankful on the off chance that she likewise raises Kripa and instructs her that it doesnot matter which religion they have a place with in case they are not a decent person, he leaves when Chahat says to Neel they have at long last won, Neel answers the individuals who dare to end everything for their affection would doubtlessly win, the two of them embrace one another while Vyas je goes to the picture of Saraswati and starts sobbing while Neel and Chahat are still attached.


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