Qurbaan Hua

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Ghazala is scaring dua exclaiming she is hungry so dua should come with her, she attempts pulling dua who calls neel, ghazala exclaims she ought to come along with her but dua because of the situation faints, neel starts offevolved calling dua to take her call but she doesnot,

ghazala thinks she has to depart before neel is able to come and locate her. Chahat asks alka to take care of vyas je even as she assessments on dua, she is going to neel asking if he turned into capable of locate dua, he replies he has checked their room as well as their very own however can’t locate her, she asks if he checked the terrace, but he replies he has now not, they both rush to the terrace, ghazala thinks she has to hide so climbs and hides toward the window. Neel and chahat take dua interior questioning how she fainted.

Ghazala taking walks to the terrace thinks that her paintings is completed and now dua would be fearful of her, dua might now consider within the churail, neel and chahat are sitting with dua, he wakes up her up, she without delay sits up after waking exclaiming she doesnot need to go away with her, neel asks what has came about, dua replies that bilouri churail tried to take her away as she comes on the night time of the whole moon and might best be seen by means of the ones children whose mother and father do not love them anymore, dua pleads with him to store her as she doesnot need to be her meals,

Neel replies she have to relaxation assured as there is no such aspect as a churail, she tuning to chahat replies it’s far because of her because she doesnot love her anymore, neel questions what is this as she is constantly blaming chahat, there’s no such thing as a churail, dua assures she noticed the churail and isn’t always mendacity.

Dua requests him to not leave her, he assures he might sit along with her, chahat also indicators him to live while she herself leaves, neel makes her lies down confirming that she isn’t by myself. Chahat even as taking walks to the hall thinks that dua might no longer be lying but who might disguise themselves as a churail and attempt to scare dua. Within the morning vyas jee is sitting playing at the same time as dua is dancing at the classical music.

Chahat is guffawing standing through the audio system, neel comes asking what has passed off, chahat replies she idea that vyas je could sense first-class after hearing the music but dua as an alternative commenced dancing, she mentions that dua loves dancing, she seeing that her early life could dance on any track which turned into performed in the house, chahat advises they could have her admitted to the dance elegance in devpriagh, neel mentions he knows of a college so might get her admitted there, dua after seeing the ad is happy so hugs neel bringing up he’s the quality father,

dua then replies that it says they ought to be take part as a crew with their mom, chahat additionally says that she loves dancing but dua replies she doesnot need to take part with chahat. Neel asks why she is constantly blaming her mom even when she does plenty for them, chahat exclaims she loves her a lot however dua says she used to love her however now due to her the bilouri churail could come to devour her at the subsequent complete moon. Chahat says that she doesnot want to take part anymore, chahat mentions she will be able to attend it along with her father, neel wonders what she is announcing because the training are for the mom and daughter.

Neel and chahat listen the screams of godamabri, he advises her to stay whilst they will come returned, neel asks what is going on, godambari replies she was going to satisfy bophandar however might ought to stroll over her dead frame, naveli replies she simplest desires to see if he is ok as he is not answering her calls, godambari and neel both exclaim she could not be able to live fortunately with him,

chahat attempts to cause pronouncing it must be the proper of naveli to decide, bopho comes along with his bag, chahat questions in which is he going, he replies that he’s leaving devpriagh because he can not see naveli getting married with every body else, he’s going to additionally no longer marry every body else except naveli. Godambari taking the arms of naveli orders that she has to clean the whole kitchen,

she orders bopho to depart who turns away, chahat going to neel asks what’s he doing as she ought to now not ought to make him realize what is the significance of affection, she is aware of naveli in reality loves bopho, he even as on foot out of the gate sees the employees slicing the wooden planks, godambari is pulling naveli, chahat comes saying if she loves bopho then must not let him depart, neel stops her from invoking her.

Agam is consuming when aalekh comes taking him with the aid of his leg, he praises agam apologizing him for all of his actions, citing that agam become indeed the real mastermind, so agam mentions now aalekh has finally come to realise the fact approximately him due to the fact he turned into the mastermind in the back of the incident at the mela, he lived as mant vyas in his house and also tried to kidnap all of them, however the police exclaim they’ll additionally tell a tale, they arrive,

ghazala also enters together with her legal professional, the inspector orders the constable to arrest agam while he mentions it become all of the warmness of the moment, the inspector slaps him, agam getting irritated with aalekh hits him, aalekh replies he has made a mistake so how should he now not hand him over to the authorities, ghazala asks if he has heard the fact, the constable assures they could now be able to show that aalekh is innocent, agam leaves with the police warning them both of excessive results while he is sooner or later released. Aalekh says to ghazala that now neel and chahat must be scared of him as he is loose.

Godambari in the house asks naveli to get to work, chahat exclaims they most effective get in love once so she have to no longer allow bopho leave if she virtually loves him, godamabri once again forces her to work, she but breaks unfastened and runs to bopho, he is set to depart the house, she exclaims her love for him, godambari threatens to interrupt his head if he remains for her daughter. The employee by accident drops the cutter with which he changed into slicing the timber, he is able to store naveli but himself gets injured due to the cutter.

Precap: dua tells ghazala on smartphone that she has found out classical dance. She’s dancing properly due to the fact she doesn’t want to dance with chahat. Ghazala tells her to permit her recognise if she desires any assist. Aalekha is with ghazala. He tells her that they may attempt their pleasant to make dua receive chahat. She says that isn’t going to occur in her presence.


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