Purba Bardhaman: Bengaluru Palash-Shukla, Along With Their Children, Jailed In Bengaluru On Suspicion Of Being Bangladeshi: Purba Bardhaman: Palash-Shukla’s original home is in Tele village of Jougram panchayat in Jamalpur police station of Purba Bardhaman. At the end of June this month, Palash went to Karnataka with his wife and infant son Adi.

Jamalpur: He went to Bengaluru from Bengal in search of work. Palash Adhikari, a resident of Jamalpur in East Burdwan, also worked as a day laborer. Along with his wife and son, he also started living in Kayen Khan’s dera of Sulibele village of Varthur police station. But, the family’s daily happiness did not last long. Within a few days, the Bengaluru police arrested the entire family on suspicion of being Bangladeshi infiltrators. Since then, the helpless couple Palash Adhikari and Shukla Adhikari have been spending their days in jail.

Allegedly, despite repeated pleas to the police, he was not released. They were not able to convince the police that they were residents of Bengal. Finally, Bangalore police came to Burdwan in search of evidence. Investigators are said to be visiting various administrative offices in the state and collecting documents. They want to be sure whether the couple who are imprisoned in Bengaluru jail due to their case are actually Bangladeshi or if they are Indian citizens.

According to sources, Palash-Shukla’s original home is in Tele village of Jougram panchayat under Jamalpur police station in East Burdwan. Palash and his entire family earn their livelihood by working as laborers. At the end of June this month, Palash went to Karnataka with his wife and infant son Adi. Father Pankaj Adhikari and mother Savita Devi also went with him. They started working under Kayen Khan of Bangalore for a daily wage of Tk 300-400. Their main job was to pick up bottles and plastic equipment from different places including hotels and cinema halls. This is how the day passed.

According to sources, on July 27, Varthur police raided Kain Khan’s dera. Suspecting that all those who spoke Bengali were Bangladeshi infiltrators, the Varthur police arrested Palash’s family and took five more people to the police station. At that time Palash’s family told the Varthur police that none of them are Bangladeshis. They show Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, and Voter cards claiming to be Indians. Seeing that, the police released Palash’s elderly parents, but Palash and the rest were not spared. On the contrary, the Bangladeshi infiltrator was arrested and sent to jail. Since then, Palash-Shulkar has been spending his days in Bengaluru jail with his baby son Adi for almost three and a half months. Now that the Karnataka Police has come to Bengal, they are counting the days hoping for a new release.

Regarding the incident, Palash’s sister Shampa Halder said, “Bangladeshi has detained them for more than three months on suspicion.” Three policemen came there. Visit our home. Going to police station-BDO and investigating. We want them to be released soon. We have all the information. Hopefully, it will not be a problem to get out again.” Jamalpur BDO Subhankar Majumdar said,

“Bengaluru police arrested a couple from Tele village in my block under the Foreigners Act. They have been imprisoned in the jail there for about three and a half months along with their child. The police of Jamalpur police station have also sent a report to the Bengaluru police regarding the fact that the couple is permanent residents of Tele village in Jaugram.” In addition to talking to the police and BDO, the investigating police officers of Varthur police station also went to the Jamalpur land registry office, land department office, and Jougram panchayat to verify the information.


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