Punyavanthi: ‘Punyavathi’ In A Combination Of Top Actors: Natarathna Y.T.Rama Rao is believed to have always taken the lead in helping those who believed in him. No matter where the talent is, Yntr was at the forefront. He was a home for many people. NTR helped Shobhan Babu, who made his debut with his film ‘Daivabalam’, to establish himself as an actor. That’s why Shobhan Babu was able to act with Yntr in almost all the old films. In that way, NTR called and gave Shobhan Babu a crucial role in the movie ‘Punyavati’. In fact, Yntr has only one song in this film. The hit songs Shobhan Babu, and Harnath is noteworthy! The film ‘Punyavati’ was released on November 3, 1967.

The movie ‘Punyavati’ is based on a story written by the famous Bengali writer Dr. Nihar Ranjan Gupta. Based on this, ‘Nayi Roshini’ was made in Hindi. C.V. who is Telugu for that film. Directed by Sridhar. Vasu Menon, who produced that film, made ‘Punyavathi’ in Telugu and ‘Poovum Pottum’ in Tamil with the same story. V. Dadamirasi directed these two films. While the Hindi film ‘Nayi Roshini’ was released earlier, ‘Punyavati’ was released in Telugu only a few months after the release of that film. Two and a half months after the release of this film, the Tamil film ‘Poovum Pottum’ was released. In all three languages, this story has impressed people. ‘Punyavati’ was well received in repeat runs.

Coming to the story – Prakash, who works as a lecturer in a college, is preparing a thesis for his doctorate. He says that Krishna Rao, who works as a professor in that college, will help him. For Krishna Rao, the world was always college or books. But, his wife Padmavati has modern feelings. The daughter spins the film freely in the name of modernization. Padmavati is always partying. Because of that, her son Shekhar becomes a drunkard in an unruly house. But he always wants the welfare of the poor. Padmavati does not like that. His friend’s daughter Shanti also lives in Krishna Rao’s house. She follows in the footsteps of Krishna Rao. Prakash, who often comes to Krishna Rao’s house for his thesis, falls in love with Shanti. Chitra falls in love with Ramesh. Ramesh tries to get rid of her who is pregnant. Chitra commits suicide. Ramesh’s father is Judge Lakshmana Rao. A good-hearted man. His son ties a clapper around the neck of the dying figure and makes her pass away gracefully. After the death of Chitra, Krishna Rao and his wife Padmavati fall into bed. Prakash has a blind mother. He is a lecturer because of her upbringing. Prakash’s father is angry that he abandoned his mother as she was blind. Krishna Rao knows that Prakash is his son. At last, Prakash hates Krishna who he respects as much as his father. Shanti’s words change Shekhar, who wanders away from home. A changed Shekhar undertakes to carry the burden of the house. Krishna Rao wants to meet his first wife and apologize. But Prakash says he can’t even meet his mother. Krishna Rao will be more distressed. Krishna Rao says that he did not cheat on his wife, she was left blind by her family in their village. Knowing that Shekhar comes to Prakash’s mother and explains everything. If you don’t forgive, father says we will not get it. So she goes to see her husband. Seeing his wife and children, Krishna Rao apologizes to him. Both Krishna Rao’s wives enjoy seeing each other. The story ends with Prakash proposing marriage to Shanti.

Starring Y.T.Rama Rao, S.V.Ranga Rao, Bhanumathi, Krishnakumari, Shobhan Babu, Haranath, Allu Ramalingaiah, Sitaram, Malladi, K.V.Chalam, Jyotilakshmi, Pandaribai, Radhakumari, this movie was written by D.V. Narasaraja. All the songs are sung by C. Narayana Reddy. Music composed by Ghantasala. The songs “Music on the lips… Hridayamuloona Paritapam…” and “Intel nirupeda bratukulu…” were shot on Sobhan Babu. Haranath and Jyoti Lakshmi directed the song “How beautiful you are…”. The song “Manasu Paadindi…” is composed only on YTR and Krishnakumari. “Unnava O Deva…”, and “Bale Gaaat…” also entertained the songs. This movie earned good marks for Sobhan as an actor. Haranath, who played a negative role in this film as a girl who cheated on him, played a similar role in ‘Sukhadukhkhalu’ the following year. Haranath got a negative image among the audience. Banumathi and Pandaribai acted as YVR’s wives in this. Everyone was entertained by their own performance.


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