Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode starts with Ahilya seeing the granth. She says I should tell Malhar about the puja rituals. Dwarka says Malhar and Gautama always fight, but they need understanding, they’re going to patch up before the festive. Bana goes after her. Yesha ji hides and goes. Dwarka says Gautama isn’t wrong, its not right to stay a widow home. She laughs on Bana’s joke. Yesha ji hides. Ahilya comes there. She sees a shadow and asks who is there. Yesha ji hides and says I got saved today. He meets his men. He tells his plans. Ahilya goes to them. She asks who are you all, why did you cover your face, are you thieves, I had seen you there, tell me. He catches her and asks his men to go away . She shouts thief, come quickly Subedaar ji. Malhar, Dwarka and Bana hear her shouting. Malhar rushes and asks what happened Ahilya, where are you. Ahilya shouts come fast, thieves have come. Yesha ji asks his men to run away. His men run. He shuts Ahilya’s mouth.

Malhar and guards search for her. Yesha ji hides her. He leaves her and goes. Malhar asks are you fine, who was he, did you see his face. She cries and says no, his face was covered. He asks did you hear their talk. She says no. He says its fine, don’t follow anyone alone, it maybe dangerous. Dwarka consoles her and takes her. Bana prays for his or her safety. Dwarka asks Ahilya to travel to her room. Ahilya hears Dwarka’s words. Dwarka says Malhar involved a sabha, it means matter is serious, it’ll continue all night. Ahilya thinks to speak to him. Malhar talks to Gangoba and Tuku ji. He says Ahilya got attacked here, it means we’ve made an error somewhere.

Dhana ji scolds Yesha ji. Yesha ji tells whatever happened. He says don’t worry, nobody has seen our face, it won’t be tough. Dhana ji says Malhar would lay a trap, getting to the palace are going to be sort of a suicide. Malhar says the lads had run away seeing Ahilya, they’re upto something. Gunu ji says Ahilya saved Khanderao and helped him become Yuvraj, don’t skills her dad came with villagers, they saved Khanderao again, today she had caught Yesha ji, if she had seen the face, then Yesha ji would have gotten killed. Dhana ji says right, she has become their raksha kawach, we’ve to interrupt her down first to ruin Holkar family. Ahilya wakes up and sees the granth. She says I even have to speak to Malhar. Yamuna eats sweets. Ahilya collides together with her . Laddoos subside . Yamuna asks why does one have enmity with sweets, Renu did it yesterday and today you probably did it. Ahilya says sorry, i used to be during a hurry, I even have work with Malhar. Yamuna says but he visited Chaudi.

Precap: Malhar asks how did you get late, we were expecting you to urge granth. Guru ji says I had given it to Ahilya and also told her about the puja. Gautama goes to Ahilya’s room and sees her doing the puja.


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