Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Ahilya telling approximately a lady’s exceptional roles. He says we worship Devi, then why did we reduce down a lady’s wings, if we consider that we name Devi as Mata, due to the fact its the most important admire for a lady, her purest form, Renu’s remarriage can take her in the direction of that admire, she will be able to get a hazard to end up a mother, why are you calling it a sin then. The ministers accept as true with her. Tukoji asks Acharya to reply Ahilya.

Acharya says we’ve got were given distracted from the principle topic, we’ve got come to speak approximately Shaastras, now no longer those things, she have to simply speak approximately Shaastras, I request that it is going to be true if she sticks to Shaastras, now no longer simply arguments. Mahants accept as true with him. Acharya says ladies are cursed in Shaastras, she will be able to simply have one husband. Ahilya says we can’t consider Mahabharat, its now no longer any granth.

He says all of the granths nation the same, so I gave an instance of Mahabharat, while people make traditions through his very own wish, he ruins the Shaastras, we shouldn’t overlook it, widow remarriage can’t get permission. Mahants agree. Khanderao stops them. He asks Ahilya does she have something to guard Acharya.

Ahilya takes Renu together along with her. She argues with Acharya. He says you’re insulting the Shaastras. She says no, its natural for me also, I can by no means insult it, I understand the way to use the Shaastras and Shastras, it makes Ram and Raavan exceptional, it makes Ayodhya and Lanka exceptional, how we study the granth and through what intention.

She says all people scolded Renu and insulted her, examine her, sorrow entered her lifestyles nine years again, until then, she has a sorrow line on her face, I simply need to erase it, I recognize that Lord and Dharm display a route to all people to stay happy, what enmity Lord has with Renu that he desires simply sorrow for Renu. Mahants says we can’t get emotional while its approximately Dharm, if a widow receives married today, then different widows will even come in advance to marry, Ahilya can speak if she has something new to say, else she have to lose.

Everyone discusses withinside the darbar. Ahilya makes Renu stand away. She is going to Acharya. Khanderao asks do you’ve got got an answer. She says I were given Renu in the front of you with a motive, that humanity and Dharm are exceptional things, however I will speak approximately Shaastras, Sati is incorrect, a Maharishi advised this, it makes her get hell, now no longer heaven, its written withinside the books, if a husband dies, if he isn’t able to maintaining her properly, then she has a proper to remarry. The Mahants take a look at the books. Mahant says she is announcing proper. Ahilya tells approximately extra books that point out approximately widow remarriage. Mahants take a look at.

The female says Acharya advised incorrect approximately ladies rights, why. The guy says our Dharm isn’t so strict approximately ladies as we have been advised before. Ahilya says you understood it proper, the fantastic human beings didn’t speak of insulting ladies and punishing them, our Dharm regards Devi a image of power, a lady is a image of Devi, why will the Shaastras inform approximately punishing a lady, a lady is aware of her limits, she desires to stay together along with her husband, she prays for her husband for seven births, if destiny doesn’t aid her, then why doesn’t she have a proper to remarry, do you’ve got got an answer, if a lady continues her relation properly together along with her different husband, then how does she smash the society’s rules, while a lady smiles, then her own circle of relatives smiles, what can we need to get through maintaining her farfar from her happiness.

She says the whole thing is written in granths for the betterment of people, I understand the imp of relations, it have to be some thing that makes it lovely, like the ocean shores, the ocean water stops on the shores, however the cage snatches the electricity to fly, what paintings does it do, I request you to permit Renu and Parikshit’s marriage, and deliver them a present to begin a lovely lifestyles together.

Acharya says its a huge disaster, I won’t allow this happen. She says however I actually have given you Shaastras examples. He says I m the Acharya of Dharm peeth, I understand all people has despatched letters to Khanderao and opposes the widow remarriage, aren’t they knowledgeable, is simply Ahilya proper, she is giving examples, which isn’t for Kalyug, we won’t allow the traditions smash. The human beings shout. Khanderao asks them to calm down.

He says Ahilya mentions approximately the Shaastras, you’re announcing approximately Kalyug rules, are you able to intricate on it. Acharya says I won’t say something now, you’re in opposition to Dharm and Dharm peeth. Khanderao says you didn’t recognize. Acharya warns them. He asks Khanderao to prevent the terrible happening, this Adharm will simply carry destruction, not anything else. Gangoba and Tukoji visit Khanderao. Khanderao tells some thing. They come again and sit.

Mahants shout. Gangoba says Khanderao has taken his decision. Ahilya seems on..


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