Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Gautama saying Khanderao didn’t keep any off-base interest, Parikshit is a pleasant man, Khanderao would have thought a long time prior to offering him the post, you ought to have concurred and requested the test later. He says you’re not comprehension, there is a major distinction in taking somebody in our administration and Rajya administration, I can’t face challenge when its with regards to the security.

She gets some information about Khanderao’s affection and expectation, you will think twice about, right. Ahilya says I will converse with Khanderao once. She goes. Gautama says Ahilya will attempt to persuade Khanderao, you need to keep a decent connection with him, I m tired offsetting your connection with him, in the event that you don’t venture out, Ahilya can’t do anything, you got this opportunity to get pleasantness your connection. Khanderao says Malhar didn’t change. Tukoji says keep yourself in his place and think. Khanderao says I wish he keeps himself in my place and sees, then, at that point, he will know my aggravation, I m still flippant and futile for him.

Ahilya comes and says its in no way like that, when you sit on the privileged position, then, at that point, you would know why he does all that. He asks truly, is it an inexplicable high position. She clarifies him. She says on the off chance that he makes Parikshit the military boss, it will be foul play with the people who need to seek this post, Malhar is exceptionally content with your coming, so he is getting ready for this Jashan, we are astonished seeing his fervor.

Tukoji gestures. Ahilya says he needs to do the best for your gladly received, you are thinking this. He says perhaps he gets harmony along these lines, yet I know reality, you both will not get this, I will likewise keep his joy, simply the manner in which he kept mine, its my guarantee. He goes. Tukoji says he will get glad seeing the Jashan tomorrow, his inconvenience will end. Parikshit sees the royal residence. Dwarka and Rakma see him and stop. She presents herself. She says you can remain here and deal with Khanderao. He says why not, assuming I finish the assessment, I will work here and stay with him. She welcomes him for supper.

Malhar gets some information about the cook and artists. Tukoji says they will come. Ahilya and Gautama discover Khanderao upset. Malhar requests that anybody give ideas for the Jashan. Khanderao says no compelling reason to do anything, Tukoji is as of now following father’s requests, I will not be a piece of this Jashan. Everybody gets pitiful. Malhar inquires as to for what reason are you rejecting, everybody is invigorated for it. Khanderao says I don’t think so.

Gautama says it’s anything but something seemingly insignificant, you have returned. Khanderao asks what will you reply in the event that anybody asks what am I doing subsequent to returning, I can’t choose anything or stay faithful to my obligation to anybody, why this affectation, the day my reasoning needn’t bother with somebody’s authorization, then, at that point, I will celebrate to be Malwa’s beneficiary, not today.

Malhar says you are as yet considering it. Khanderao contends with him. He says each kid does a misstep, however I reserve no option to do a mix-up, being Malhar’s child, I m bearing this discipline, you sent me to Gurukul to make me able, for what reason do you question my capacity even presently,

it implies our hardwork of seven years went to no end, for what reason to praise then, at that point. Malhar leaves the food. Ahilya requests that he have the food. Khanderao says don’t make any arrangements for Jashan, its not required, don’t anticipate that I should come. He requests that everybody have food now. Malhar goes.

Gautama cries. Ahilya says we will not get anything on the off chance that we stay dismal, I will serve them food, relax. Gautama says nothing changed in this load of years, what will occur if this matter comes out, everything might end on the off chance that one slip-up occurs. They stress.

Precap: Gunuji says Khanderao didn’t lose his kiddishness, in the event that he can’t comprehend his father’s feelings, how might he comprehend the Praja. Malhar gets pitiful. Ahilya stops Gunu ji and says I didn’t anticipate that this from you should make a break between them.


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