Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Dwarka announcing this information might have reached Peshwa as well. Gautama worries. Harku is going to name Ahilya. Ahilya is going to speak to them. Gautama says you aren’t knowledge the threat. Ahilya says we can’t get any new questioning with none pain, I will threat my existence for Malwa, the whole lot can have an answer withinside the darbar tomorrow, I will speak to Acharya. Dwarka asks will you argue with him, its overconfidence, you can’t do this. Ahilya doesn’t listen. Its morning, every person comes withinside the darbar. Acharya addresses Khanderao and says widow remarriage is a sin, as written withinside the books, all of us gets stored from this sin. Khanderao says I recognize your knowledge, selection taken these days turns into records for all of the widows. Ahilya says I m now no longer going in opposition to traditions, its our recognize and pride. Acharya says you’ll have apprehend which you can’t argue and win over us. Ahilya says I m now no longer speaking approximately converting traditions however seeing matters for the sake of humanity. He says no person has this proper. Gangoba says we were given to recognise that your questioning is opposite, so we are able to have a debate on the premise of Shastra, you each gets time to show your point, the selection could be to your prefer in case you win, every person has to observe the selection. All the mahants maintain the books. Acharya says every body can mission us in the event that they need. Sita says they were given all of the books to scare Ahilya. Dwarka says Ahilya did a huge mistake this time, these days she can be able to lose. She smiles.

Acharya says widow remarriage isn’t possible, its now no longer authorized through the Ved and Shastra, Renu and Parikshit can’t get married. Ahilya asks why is it a female’s mistake if her husband dies, why doesn’t she have a proper to live. He says she has no proper, a widow has options, to die as Sati, or live isolated, she has an area withinside the heaven, the widow who thinks of some other guy receives the hell. He argues with Ahilya. He calls it impossible. The humans shout. Khanderao stops them. Ahilya says after a spouse’s death, a husband receives remarried, why isn’t it awful, I attended a wedding ultimate month, you have been additionally there, the groom changed into your disciple, every person instructed him that he ought to get remarried to get a baby, Renu is a baby widow, she didn’t get a baby, why do you item to her marriage. He says guy is accountable to get the own circle of relatives heir, female is only a medium, the guys have all of the rights, so he has a proper to get remarried, why do you need to evaluate guys and girls, each can’t be equal, a female can come to be a purpose for the destruction for the international. Gautama says Ahilya is frightening Acharya, why. Harku says Acharya’s arguments are proved vulnerable so he’s angry. Gautama asks will Ahilya win this way.

Harku says I don’t recognise, she is confident, some thing can happen. Gautama says I don’t need to peer her losing, however her win gets a brand new revolt in Malwa, I simply need my son to get such recognize, now no longer every body else. Ahilya asks can I ask you something. Acharya says ask. She says there may be a village in the back of our palace, the humans move a ways to the river for any auspicious work, why now no longer to the close by stream. He says its grimy stream. She smiles. She says you imply the water could be easy if its supply is easy. He says yes, its possible. She says Acharya ji, you stated a female’s frame is the door to the hell, everyone on this international is born through a female’s frame, that’s the supply, then the huge humans might had been impure, to get born through a female, proper. Ahilya asks Acharya how can he say this approximately a female. He says a nation is understood through the girls character, one mistake of a female can smash the complete society, she ought to be sure through a person, a unfastened female will become the purpose of stain and destruction. She says continually a female will become the prey to a person’s awful intentions, Sita changed into abducted through a person, Draupadi’s cheerharan command changed into given through a person, why isn’t a person seemed wrong.

Ahilya solutions Acharya. She says a spouse has a proper to remarry. He asks Khanderao to forestall Ahilya..


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