Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Ahilya asking Khanderao what was he going to advise her. Khanderao asks would you truly like to tune in. She says indeed, I will pay attention to everything. He says simply talks will not be valuable, much has changed in 7 years. She moves bashful and moves away to go. Her saree stalls out there. She requests that he get her go. He grins and comes before her. She sees the saree stuck there. He asks how did I respond. He says I was unable to stop you, however you halted. She grins. He holds her. He cries. She wipes his tears. She says I have two motivations to get irritated with you.

He asks what’s that. She says you came after numerous years, you ought to have come straight, for what reason did you assault the castle. He says I was thinking a great deal, how to meet everybody, I didn’t have a clue how to meet you, I realized Malhar will come to discover me, then, at that point, you will be here to kill the foes, I didn’t harm the gatekeepers, I just grabbed their weapons, I needed to make the meet essential. She grins.

He says you are extremely excellent than I had envisioned in my fantasies. She grins. She asks will not you know the other explanation of my irritation. He requests that she say. She says I had gotten ready for your gladly received, you came with nothing, you didn’t get any present for me. He says indeed, I neglected, accompany me. Tukoji says I need to converse with you. Khanderao says not currently. Tukoji says he is still kiddish. Rakma comes and insults him.

She says Malhar didn’t advise the arrangement to you, he doesn’t confide in you. He says no, he had his own reasons, he didn’t advise this to Gautama and Ahilya. She says Khanderao has returned, your demon will get down. He says I simply need to ensure Khanderao, I will consistently serve Malhar, I would prefer not to have Khanderao’s spot, I can’t get it, you acknowledge this reality. Ahilya says Tukoji has seen us, what will anybody think. Khanderao says we had run like this before likewise, you didn’t say this. She says we were kids that time. He asks and presently? You likewise feel it right, a great deal has changed. He holds her hand. They grin.

She inquires as to for what reason did you get me here. He says I got a present for you, I neglected to take it from the pack. She asks is this your pony, its flawless. Khanderao jokes conversing with the pony. He says I need to give a gift to my sovereign first. He gives her the berries. She grins and says I didn’t had this since long. He says that is the reason I advised it. She asks how might I eat now. He says I did this deliberately. He takes care of her the berry. She says somebody is there.

He glances around. He sees somebody and blows up. Khanderao runs and embraces him. Ahilya gets amazed. He says you got late in coming. The person says yes. Ahilya asks who is he. Khanderao says you would be stunned to see me embracing you. She says yes. He says you generally stress for me, he is my companion, he likewise stresses for me, he isn’t only my defender, yet my aide, sibling and everything.

He says he is Parikshit, you were in my heart’s one half and Parikshit in other. Parikshit says you are meeting your significant other following 7 years, will you present me like this, then, at that point, she dislike to see my face, its bad to contrast me and you, I m simply his worker, not a companion, I m a common person, I had the ability to swordfight,

Guru ji showed me and let me stay in Gurukul, I had recently known about lords and rulers, when I met Khanderao, then, at that point, I became acquainted with how is a sovereign, its his significance that he made me his companion. Khanderao says I will choose what you are, so I called you to Malwa. Ahilya says when Khanderao was in Gurukul, alone and pitiful, you upheld him, right, you empowered him and sympathized with his distress. Parikshit says I had attempted. She expresses gratitude toward him and says you made me obliged until the end of time.

Precap: Khanderao says I welcomed Parikshit to make him the military boss. Malhar says sure, he needs to finish the assessments. Khanderao asks what’s the requirement for tests, when I m suggesting him.


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