Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Parikshit praying on the temple. Harku comes and praises his devotion. She says I actually have visible simply few warriors having such devotion. He says Guruji taught this to me. She says you prayed for Khanderao that day. He says yes, its a huge day today. She asks what’s unique today. He says nothing. He is going and thinks perhaps Ahilya has idea of something. Dwarka says we can’t be there, else we can get suspected. She says we shouldn’t get into any problem, you’ll pass there, you could come and inform me everything, Acharya become going with Mahants, if he sees some thing at the manner then… Yamuna says then what can we. Dwarka asks her to observe Parikshit. Parikshit leaves. Yamuna follows him. Harku sees Yamuna hiding and leaving in a cart.

She says is she following Parikshit, I m overthinking. Renu waits for Ahilya. Parikshit comes there. Renu sees him. Her garments get caught withinside the thorns. He asks her now no longer to drag the saree, it is able to get torn. He is going and enables her. He asks her to take care. Ahilya involves the temple. She greets Harku. Ahilya says I sense restless, I had a awful nightmare. Harku thinks perhaps I become incorrect to consider Yamuna. The pandits and mahants come there. They see Renu with Pariksit. The villagers gather. Yamuna appears on and smiles. The pandits scold Renu.

Acharya says you’re doing so incorrect at a natural location just like the temple. Ahilya continues to be praying on the palace temple. The mahants insult Renu and ask Parikshit now no longer to speak in between. Acharya says Renu might be punished for this Adharm, they each must die, no person must dare to do one of these sin. Mahants agree. Parikshit stops them. He holds Renu’s hand. The human beings choose up stones to conquer them. Ahilya comes there. She stands in the front of Renu. The human beings prevent. Yamuna appears on.

Acharya says Renu must be punished. Ahilya says she is my friend, I gets harm if she is harm. Acharya says you don’t get into this, those have carried out a sin. Ahilya asks what did you notice them doing. Mahant says we can’t inform it, they each got here out from the bushes. Parikshit says her saree become caught withinside the thorns, I become simply assisting her. Acharya says no want to lie. Parikshit says I m pronouncing the truth.

Acharya says fine, don’t you don’t forget that she is a widow, she didn’t prevent you, she could have selected to die than letting a stranger come close, its disgusting, you each haven’t any proper to live alive. Ahilya says you didn’t see them doing incorrect, they may be innocent. Acharya says they broke the limits, they did a sin. She says they didn’t do any sin, they may be in love. Acharya and all of us are shocked.

Acharya says a widow, love…. no, a widow has no proper to love. Mahants shout towards Renu. Renu cries. Everyone calls Renu a sinner. Ahilya asks why, is she now no longer a human, does she now no longer have a proper to have a family. Acharya says enough, I don’t need to argue, I m asking you to get away, you don’t are available in between, we can punish Renu and Parikshit. Ahilya says forgive me, I recognize Dharm, however I m Malhar’s bahu,

Khanderao’s wife, Malwa’s destiny queen, Renu and Parikshit are my Praja also, its my obligation to defend my Praja and provide them a glad life, its my Dharm, I can’t depart my Praja to your hands, in the event that they did any mistake, then the choice might be taken in Rajya darbar, now no longer here. Yamuna appears on. Ahilya says I m taking them with me. Acharya says you need to store them from the punishment, you standard that this widow has carried out a sin to love, we can defend Dharm. The villagers say we can’t forgive Renu, else widows gets advocated to do incorrect, they each must get punished. They all shout. Renu cries.

Gangoba talks to Mahants. Acharya says we don’t be given some thing towards Dharm. Khanderao comes to speak to Ahilya.


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