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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday accused the Center of not trusting academics in the country. He urged the students to ask the government why they “cannot talk to the outside world”. Rahul tweeted that “Students and academics, please ask yourself why you are no longer allowed to talk to the outside world. Why doesn’t the government trust you?”

Congress leader and MP from Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi has been a constant attacker on the government on several issues such as inflation, hike in petrol diesel prices, border dispute with China and arrest of climate activist Disha Ravi.

Gandhi had opposed the opposition after the arrest of 22-year-old Ravi, saying that the country would not be silenced. In a tweet in Hindi on Friday, he said, “Speak that the lab is free, speak that the truth is alive till now! They are scared, not the country!”

Gandhi said during a conversation with students in Puducherry on Wednesday that people in the country are being arrested for “what they think”. He said that the character of the country is being eroded because people are not being allowed to talk. Rahul said that- “Maybe I get arrested for saying this … If you are not allowing the people to speak by scaring the nation, then you are destroying the character of the country.”

Jammu and Kashmir Police has informed that Rehman Hussain Bhat, an underground worker of Al Badr terrorist organization, was arrested on 14 February in connection with the recovery of IED at the bus stand in Jammu. He was in direct contact with Pakistani handlers involved in the conspiracy to carry out the IED attack in Jammu.

Please tell that on 14 February, Al-Badr was arrested and the Jammu and Kashmir Police has once again thwarted Pakistan’s conspiracy. On the second anniversary of the Pulwama terror attack, Pakistan wanted to carry out terrorist incidents at many places in Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu Police, while giving a press conference on Sunday, told how Pakistan sent a message to a young man studying in Chandigarh and then told about the IED plant. The Jammu police on Sunday morning recovered seven kilograms of IEDs from the bus stand.

Rah Hussain Bhat, an overground worker of Al Badr terror outfit has been arrested in the case of recovery of IED at the Jammu bus stand on February 14. He was in direct contact with Pakistan handlers involved in the conspiracy to carry out IED attack at Jammu :

Jammu Police IG Mukesh Singh said that we already had inputs that terrorist groups and incidents can be carried out on the anniversary of Pulwama attack. Because of this we were on high alert. He said, “Last night we arrested a person named Sohail. 6-6.5 kg IED was seized from him. “He further said that the arrested accused has revealed that he studies in Chandigarh and received a message from Al Badar Tanjim, Pakistan to plant an IED.” .

Police officer Mukesh Singh, while exposing the conspiracy of Pakistan, said that Sohail was given a target of three to four places to put an IED. After this he was supposed to catch a flight to Srinagar, where he would be received by Alhar Badal Tanjim’s ground worker Athar Shakeel Khan. He said that a Kazi Wasim from Chandigarh was also aware of this case. The police have also arrested him. Apart from this, a person named Abid Nabi has also been arrested. Mukesh Singh said that last night, we have recovered 15 small IEDs and 6 pistols from Samba sector.


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