Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Ahilya asking is Gautama disillusioned with me that I helped Khanderao. Harku says she will’t see all of us else in the front of Gautama, she isn’t happy. Gautama explains Khanderao. She says if you have to show your self succesful and make a remarkable image, you then definately want to live alert,

humans will assume that you could try this, they’re already inspired with the aid of using Ahilya, you need to show which you are extra succesful, you need to do justice. Khanderao nods. Ahilya says she will assume excellent for her son, I will pass and communicate to her. Harku says communicate to Khanderao and give an explanation for him to address the darbar paintings till Malhar comes.

Ahilya thinks I should assist him whilst needed, however I can’t disillusioned Gautama. Khanderao says my wondering is different, Ahilya is my wife, our joy, sorrow and desires are the equal, in case you need me to address the darbar alone, then okay, I will obey your command in your happiness and do as you need. She smiles.

Ahilya involves Khanderao. She says I even have to speak. He says I even have to speak approximately the darbar, approximately fixing the humans’s issues. She says I understood, Gautama is constantly involved for you, she has many desires from you, her dream is which you get well-known like Malhar, don’t consider it, she is a mum, she desires to see you as a remarkable king, with out all of us’s support, she isn’t incorrect. He nods.

He says fine, I will try this and show, I will remedy all of the issues alone. She says you don’t pay attention to me and get angry. He asks certainly. She says I need to speak. She hears the sound and says its evening, I should visit the kitchen, I will communicate to you later. Renu recollects Parikshit. She thinks of Ahilya’s words. She asks can this certainly occur, can I end up a suhaagan.

Maid comes and says Ahilya has referred to as you on the temple. Yamuna asks the maid to offer the equal message to Parikshit. She says bad Ahilya, this count number will worsen now. Renu and Ahilya pass someplace withinside the darkness. Renu says I experience this darkish night time will by no means end. Ahilya says I will take you closer to the light, include me. Renu receives stuck withinside the darkness. Ahilya concerns seeing her. Ahilya wakes up from this dream. She hears a legitimate and says its morning, humans say that morning dream is frequently fulfilled.

The pandits come to fulfill the Maha pandit. He asks why did you name us urgently. Maha pandit says Adharm goes to occur. Ahilya says I experience there may be some thing incorrect happening, is Renu in a few problem. Mahapandit does a few puja. Ahilya sees her internal self, demotivating her and asking her to fear approximately the result. Ahilya says I can’t get scared, I should extrade the traditions and society, I will give an explanation for them now no longer to be partial. Her internal self says nobody will take delivery of this. Ahilya says permit me try,

how are we able to assume we can prevail or now no longer. She shouts on her internal self. She says I can’t fall weak, else what’s going to occur of Renu. Pandit says be it all of us, we can oppose the only doing Adharm. Yamuna asks Dwarka to return back together along with her and notice the drama. Dwarka says that is your problem. Yamuna says we can pass and notice the game. Dwarka says you may pass there as my representative. Yamuna asks will all people doubt. Dwarka says no, Acharya turned into happening yatra with mahants, if he sees something at the way. Yamuna says then what’s going to we do.

Ahilya requests Khanderao for Renu and Parikshit’s marriage. Everyone receives shocked.


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