Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts with Ahilya asking Gautama not to worry about. Gautama asks her to talk to Khersonao, should not insult Malhar. Ahilya cares. Dwarka asks Gunu Ji to apply a balm to the wound of Malhar, is injured, we must take care of this situation. Gunu Ji says well. She asks him to take parishit’s capabilities, then for him for the skills, he teaches everything, when Malhar takes his test, then it must be a Sardar beyond the test. Dhana Ji Question What is the relationship between the two issues,

do you think Günü Ji has no other work that teaches others? Günü Ji says I understand, if Parkshit does not happen in the test, then Malhar will not take him in the army, Malhar does not want it, it will prove that parkshit shows a promise of a good warrior and Khersonao. It remains, when he knows that I helped paruckshit, then he will sit under my favor, I’m right. Dwarka says yes, on the right, you are the right heir to the Malwa throne, who learned Khersonao in Gurukul,

will be less than his sensitivity, learned from his experience he will tell Malhar who helps parksshit, if he demands . Then, tell him that he supports parschit to reduce Khersonao and his tension.

Dhana Ji says he will understand it now, Khersonao has no happiness, Günü Ji is a way to unite them without saying. She says yes, she is very able to have Khersonao, as soon as he knows, his mind will change, make an excuse and go to Malhar, his wound is fresh, it will be good to meet him now. Khersonao plays the love. Parikshit comes and asks, don’t you talk to me, are you upset about me?

Khersonao doesn’t say something like that, I don’t want to hear anything. Parikkshit says that I will be guilty if you don’t attend Jashan, you want to culp? Khersonao says no, this problem spends for a long time. Parkshit says Malhar should take care of his Rajya and Praja, more than his family, forget it for some time, tell me, why did you take me here to improve my future? Khersonao nodded. Parikshit says it’s a new life for me, I want the blessings of Malhar,

I have to be satisfied, prepare, I’ll give the test, we’ll all be happy, why are you angry? Khersonao says I trust your abilities. Parikshit asks why he wants to stop me, he wants to come against his father, he didn’t say he was wrong, his ego was hurt. Khersonao says no one will understand. Parkshit says that I don’t want to be a reason for Malhar’s pain, I’ll leave this palace if you disagree to attend Jashan tomorrow. Khersonao says you won’t go anywhere. Parics say I don’t want this debt that you and your father escaped for me. Khersonao says well, let Jashan happen, I’m ready to come. Parikshit smiles. He says thank you for keeping my word.

He’s going. He says that I did what you told me, Khersonao agreed, you could have done it easily, why did you send me? She says few things are understood by telling my friends, otherwise I would have thought that I support Malhar. He praises his intelligence. She praises him to be a true friend to Khersonao. He says he’s not worried, I’ll always protect Khersonao. Malhar is worried. Gunu Ji comes. He says I have to say something, I have some responsibilities, I came to work. Malhar says I can see your dedication. Gunu Ji says I’m trying to lower his job, tell me, if there is a job. Malhar says thank you, maybe Jashan will not happen. Gunu Ji asks why. Malhar says that Khersonao is still upset with me.

Gunu Ji says that this Jashan has happened, I saw that his child did not reduce, he knew that everyone had prepared for this Jashan with emotion, why did he hurt his heart, I’m sorry ?? Everyone has hope of Khersonao, the person who does not understand the emotions of his father, how he will understand Praja’s affairs to become a king. Ahillya comes. She says Khersonao agreed to come to Jashan. Malhar really asks, did you agree? She says she is emotional, so she felt bad and refused, she agreed when she was explained with love. She says it’s not a child,

it’s about the conflict between the mind and the heart, think of the heart. She asks Malhar to leave, Gautama is waiting for him. Malhar goes. She stops Gunu Ji and says I have to talk to you. Two people go to the barn and take the horses. Ahilya says that you are the son-in-law of this family, you are in a good position in Rajya, it’s her Dhan to fill the gap in a relationship, she created a break, she didn’t expect it. Gunu Ji says you’re wrong, I told the truth. She says there is a time and way to tell the truth, I will respect you, but I want unity and peace in Rajya. I will not tolerate anyone who has damaged it. He says you don’t forget who you are talking about. She says I can’t threaten it’s not necessary. She asks him to come to Jashan in time. She goes. Gunu Ji gets angry.

Prescription: Ahilya says I want to start your day with the blessings of Malhar, meet him. Khersonao says he’s not here, I’ll meet him in Darbar. Ahilya thinks where she is gone.


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