Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 1st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Gangoba and Gunu ji coming to fulfill Parikshit at night. They ask him to depart the Sardar publish and additionally the palace. Parikshit asks is that this Khanderao’s choice. Gangoba says he’s your friend, however he’s simply doing his responsibility, we are hoping you may recognize. Parikshit takes his bag and leaves the palace. He sees Khanderao. He says I m happening your command. Khanderao says you’ve got got compelled me Parikshit, however I m now no longer so helpless that I depart you homeless, I actually have made your preparations withinside the close by village, don’t worry. Parikshit seems on. Ahilya comes and says it won’t be obedience of Rajya Dharm. Khanderao asks what do you imply. Parikshit says don’t do something for me now.

She says Khanderao and my relation isn’t so weak, don’t worry, Renu isn’t incorrect however she were given insulted, Parikshit has to depart the palace, you gave them time to hold their stand, you stated you may punish them while their crime is proved, however they’re getting punishment earlier than proving something, why. He says the choice is taken through the people, they’re proved guilty, I can’t dominate them, I actually have given them time, however I eliminated Parikshit from his publish and residence due to the people’s rage, I did my responsibility as a king, I organized a residence for him and did a responsibility as a friend. He calls a defend. He asks defend to drop Parikshit to the brand new residence. Parikshit leaves.

Acharya and Mahants are doing a ritual. Acharya says the land and air were given impure due to that widow and that guy, I m looking to purify this. They see the palace pandit. Ahilya says time modifications so soon, I in no way idea which you fought with Malhar to get Sardar publish to your friend, and these days you’ve got got eliminated him. Khanderao says Ahilya, I don’t understand what we need to see ahead, time modifications truely soon. They cry. Its morning, Dwarka earrings the temple bell. Everyone comes and asks her what’s she doing. Khanderao says bells are rung this manner in an emergency. Dwarka says its an emergency, Malhar and Holkar own circle of relatives are Shiv devotees, these days Shiva ji left this palace, we are able to in no way get his advantages, this in no way passed off earlier than, puja didn’t occur these days, due to the fact pujari refused to are available in our palace, its simply due to Renu. Gautama says pujari has boycotted our palace, Ahilya recognize the strength of Dharm peeth, we might also additionally see something dangerous, how are you going to take care of this. Sita says yes, I m additionally listening to the taunts, its due to Ahilya. Gautama says its incorrect. Ahilya says how can pujari say that Shiv is disappointed with us, if he refuses to do puja then it doesn’t imply that puja won’t occur, Shiv ji sees the intentions, every person can do puja, Shiv ji accepts the puja.

She says you suspect its a terrible sign, I experience its a great danger to do the puja ourselves, we pray to Shiv and inform our wishes, however we in no way do puja. Harku asks what do you imply to say. Ahilya says I need to provide a huge check in darbar tomorrow, I need Shiv advantages for it, if Gautama permits, then I will do the puja these days. Dwarka says you don’t get stricken by something. She asks Gautama now no longer to are available in her words. Khanderao asks can I say something. He says pujari refused for puja, I didn’t like it, I assume we must concentrate to Ahilya, Malhar believes that a lady is a strength symbol, its now no longer terrible if a lady does a Shiv puja. Ahilya smiles. He says permit Ahilya do the puja. Gautama says fine, do it. Gangoba receives a letter. He is going to Darbar. He says the pandits were given a message from Dharm peeth, they count on Holkar own circle of relatives now no longer to ruin the traditions.

Ahilya and Acharya argue withinside the darbar. Everyone seems on.


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