Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 17th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Ahilya saying I had dealt with the labor for ten days, I need to become Sonbai once more, I was unable to accomplish some other work, Gautama needed to oversee everything, except she upheld me, I would prefer not to give her motivation to grumble, free me from this obligation, I demand you. He lauds her. He says I was thinking something different, you have taken care of Rajya well and got equity for individuals, I need you to go to the darbar and help me, I m sure that Gautama will concur. She asks what’s the requirement for this, Khanderao is returning, he will help you, he is the genuine beneficiary of everything. She asks him will he stop before breakfast or evening. He stresses. She asks what occurred, for what reason are you stressed.

He says no, I need to go to darbar and talk about the Rajputana mission, accompany me. She says I need to disclose to you something. He requests that she say. She gets some information about the Senapati of the mission. He says we need 15 days more for the mission, however what’s the utilization, we chose to send Gunu ji. She says Khanderao will be coming, you might have a choice to pick, don’t respect me wrong, I would prefer not to do treachery with anybody, the best individual ought to go, Khanderao is coming after numerous days, it will be a decent opportunity for him to make his picture before everybody. He says take a gander at me, Gautama advised this to you, right, I know you, this isn’t your reasoning, what you accept, you get courageous, you are not taking a gander at me while saying this.

She says whatever Gautama is believing is right, in the event that Gunu ji is more skilled, he ought to turn into the Senapati, Gautama simply needs a reasonable opportunity for Khanderao. He says we will go to Darbar and talk. Dwarka and Sita plan garments for Gunu ji. Rakma comes. Sita says give this pagdi to Gunu ji when he comes. Rakma says let the declaration happen first. Sita says it will occur. Dwarka asks Rakma what does she mean. Rakma figures I can’t take Gautama’s name. Dwarka asks what do you know, advise me. Rakma says I can’t reject in case you are asking, I recently heard that Ahilya will converse with Malhar and disclose him not to rush in taking Gunu ji’s name, and stand by till Khanderao comes, I don’t have the foggiest idea how much evident is this. Dwarka inquires as to for what reason didn’t you tell this previously, I can’t converse with Malhar now, Ahilya is my foe.

Malhar is in the Darbar. He says Ahilya will pick the fighters armed force, I will announce the Senapati’s name after two days, Khanderao will come, I will pronounce after he comes. Ahilya grins. Gunu ji gets stunned. He sees Ahilya grinning. Harku says Khanderao will be happy to see his room equivalent to he left, so I didn’t roll out a lot of improvements. Gautama says you did well. Harku asks what occurred, you look anxious. House keeper comes and gives the message. Gautama grins. She says this mission can be demonstrated as a once in a lifetime opportunity for Khanderao, I know I m reasoning like a self centered mother, however family conflicts are a revile in Maratha faction. Harku says nobody can sit on the privileged position aside from Khanderao. Gautama says I know, yet you realize that Malhar offers significance to equity more than relations, that is the reason certain individuals here are dreaming to get Khanderao’s place, he is Malhar’s child, and, after its all said and done he needs to demonstrate his capacity consistently, will I call this his awful destiny or his shortcoming, he is demonstrated as an unreliable ruler since youth, its devil that he effectively makes his father glad, he ought to get an opportunity to substantiate himself, I need everybody to commend him. She grins. Gangoba says Khanderao will be in security region before peril contacts him.

Ahilya comes. They see her. She says sorry, I didn’t realize you are occupied, I needed to discuss the fighters group. Malhar says not today, I will clarify you later, you go tomorrow, you can take Khanderao along. She grins and says yes. She goes. He says she is so cheerful, she has figured a ton to invite Khanderao, I would prefer not to give her any pressure, nobody should realize that he is at serious risk. Gangoba says OK, I needed to get some information about mission, you didn’t specify the Senapati name, everybody was discussing it. Malhar says Ahilya recommended that we should delay until Khanderao comes, I loved the idea, so I didn’t announce the name. Gunu ji says Ahilya constrained Malhar to change the choice.

Dhana ji says I got a news, I had seen Gangoba leaving from the castle. He saw Gangoba leaving. He says Nizam’s fighters will assault Khanderao, we need to prevent the assistance from arriving at Khanderao.

Precap: Gangoba says the warriors didn’t arrive at Khanderao. The gatekeeper says Khanderao is feeling the loss of, the Chauni was singed. Rakma and Yamuna look on..


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