Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 15th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts with khanderao meeting malhar in the darbar. He tells the problem. Gunu ji says surely, that family wants money. Khanderao says you would have all the info, but i have visible them, i assume investigations must be made once. Ahilya seems on from out of doors. Dhana ji says you don’t believe gunu ji. Khanderao says i trust him completely, however gunu ji doesn’t recognise the ones people, i think it’ll be desirable if we investigate this depend as soon as. Malhar says khanderao, we’ve spoken on this count number before, gunu ji told me about that land, gangoba had seen the land papers, if there has been anything incorrect, then anyone could have visible it, papers are right, it method everything is quality. Khanderao sees ahilya.

Dhana ji turns and sees ahilya signing khanderao. Khanderao says you are pronouncing right, however whatever i’ve seen myself, those human beings had been going to die, if hiralal sold the land, then he could have were given money, there would have been grains of their residence. Gunu ji says hiralal turned into a drunkard, he had spent all the cash in alcohol, i never met hiralal, however i don’t go away any work, i have learnt it from malhar, that decisions are made on evidences, now not feelings. He receives the papers. Malhar seems at gunu ji. Gunu ji remembers asking kishan to get new papers for him. Kishan asks him now not to worry. Gunu ji asks who will sign now, hiralal is dead. Kishan says i’m able to get all and sundry’s signal, no one will get his signal matched, he’s useless. Fb ends. Malhar offers the papers to gunu ji.

He says papers are proper. Dhana ji says there may be not anything wrong, kishan is a huge dealer, he has many lands, we know him due to the fact that years, he received’t do wrong for a land plot. He says khanderao, i m also sad for his family, however hiralal himself is answerable for it, kishan bought the land from him. Malhar says dhana ji is proper, i m disenchanted to recognise that hiralal’s own family changed into trying to die, don’t fear, they may get assist. Khanderao says i have sent grains for the month and necessities by using the use of my money. Malhar says exquisite. Ahilya thinks why did khanderao lose so soon, kaki wasn’t lying, papers aren’t everything.

Khanderao comes out of the darbar. Dhana ji calls out says you’re very harmless, you’re still like formative years, i’ve seen ahilya outside, she became signing you, this isn’t your wondering, you have to run the kitchen by using listening to spouse, however now not pay attention to her whilst you run the rajya, its the first time that you went for your dad with a count number, but the count number should had been such that you win, if any day, you get with a problem in front of everyone, if no person listens to you, then what’s going to be your recognize, i experience awful for you, you don’t observe a girl’s mind. Khanderao asks shall i tell something, i listen to ahilya, however i don’t blindly agree with her, i’ve spoken to hiralal’s own family, i didn’t think they lied to me, i’m able to’t agree with it. He goes.

Dhana ji says it manner this count number didn’t quit absolutely. Ahilya asks why did you get quiet here, do you suspect they lied. Khanderao says concentrate to me. She says you listen to me, you promised that you will help them, gunu ji had papers, however we met them, how did you lose so quickly, some human beings are such that they may die, however no longer beg. He says i realize, i need to inform you the same.

She says you’re supporting them, however its their land, they received’t need each person’s help, we can do one thing. He says just shut up, concentrate to me first, take a seat there. She sits. He says until i say, you received’t say a phrase. She asks but what did i… he says simply be quiet now. He says don’t flow now, listen to me carefully, i were given to realize that we have no proof in opposition to kishan, we will’t show that hiralal’s family is saying the truth, malhar has seen the papers, papers are proper, it way that hiralal offered the land to kishan, gunu ji told us that hiralal changed into a drunkard, kaki and her kids didn’t tell us, perhaps they were ashamed, but it also matters, say something, what happened.

She sits quiet. He asks her to say something, she will communicate now. She says gunu ji stated he has a proof to reveal kishan is proper, you furthermore may discover a proof in kaki’s prefer. He asks how can we discover the evidence now, the papers also are proper. She says yes, gangoba and malhar agreed to it, but evidence can’t be simply papers. He asks what do you imply. She says we will cross and ask them, if hiralal was a drunkard, we can ask the villagers. He says if we don’t get to recognize whatever. She says then we are able to get a lesson, that its now not right to consider all people. He says yes, i can prepare well before going to darbar. Ahilya says sure, we are able to discover the whole thing after which visit the darbar, then no one will say that you don’t know something, am i announcing right. He nods. Malhar calls out gangoba.

He asks are you going out. Gangoba says i m going to fulfill the brand new infantrymen, did you’ve got any paintings. Malhar says yes, what do you suspect, khanderao advised approximately that family, are they honestly cheated, or are they mendacity. Gangoba says papers are proper, you have visible it. Malhar says what we see isn’t always the reality, khanderao has seen the pain in that own family’s eyes, it can’t be visible on papers, i told khanderao that we can’t determine primarily based on what we see and hear, however we do observe that, our spies give us info like that, then why do we shrink back seeing papers in other topics. Gangoba asks what are you questioning.

Malhar says i have no issues or doubt on gunu ji, khanderao trusts that circle of relatives, he took their costs, he has again and again advised about them, i can’t overlook that, you look into the problem, find out the fact. Gangoba nods. Malhar says this be counted should be just among us.

ahilya and khanderao meet hiralal’s family and villagers. They realize approximately hiralal.


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