Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Dwarka announcing its little need to discover Khanderao, he isn’t here. Gautama sees Khanderao going to the darbar. She smiles. She asks Ahilya what’s the matter, why wasn’t he going to the darbar. Ahilya says believe me, I will continually attempt to make him attain wherein he ought to be. Gautama name callings Dwarka. She is going. Dwarka says one day, your blind perception will break you. Malhar discusses the war plan with the ministers. Gunu ji says we ought to trick the enemies properly and cause them to ship their 1/2 of military away. Malhar says yes, we must take the villagers’ assist. Khanderao involves the darbar. Malhar stops him. Ahilya says I m positive that Malhar will see his skills and reward him, their bitterness will stop stop. Harku says yes. Malhar says prevent there, you purchased late, come tomorrow, you need to come on time in case you need to wait the darbar.

Dhana ji says it came about as we desired, they’re in opposition to every other. Khanderao says I m sorry. Malhar says you’ve got got damaged the policies, you need to live farfar from Darbar for a day, Tukoji will come up with the facts of the Darbar proceedings. Khanderao angrily is going. Tukoji says Malhar isn’t wrong, however Khanderao will now no longer recognize this, its now no longer good. Gunu ji says I want Khanderao in no way involves the darbar. Parikshit says Malhar’s policies are strict. Khanderao says his policies are strict only for me. He asks him to do his paintings. He asks him to take his message for a village Sardar, its certainly imp to fulfill him. Parikshit asks what do you need to pass. Khanderao says I will display dad that I m additionally Holkar own circle of relatives blood, I will stop this hassle earlier than he solves us, I can do some thing, I will prevail and triumph over the castle. Ahilya comes withinside the corridor. She hears the dhol sound. She is going to peer Khanderao. Khanderao is gambling the dhol. He remembers Malhar’s words.

She says there’s some thing this is hurting you a lot, inform me, perhaps I can assist you. He asks what, you don’t need to maintain phrases with a horrific individual like me. She asks why are you announcing this, I didn’t say that. He says I need to recognise when you have modified your selection or now no longer. He asks why did you return back to me. She says we’ve continually supported every other, you informed as soon as that we will achieve some thing we do together, I recognise we had a fight, however we will resolve it together, did the whole thing pass properly in darbar. He says don’t take darbar’s name. Parikshit comes. Khanderao is going with him. She asks him to listen. She thinks he changed into being attentive to me, he were given irritated listening to approximately Darbar. Khanderao meets Santaji and thank you him for coming. Santaji says inform me, what paintings do you’ve got got. Khanderao says I had to speak to you approximately Tarapur castle. He tells his plan.

He says we want to make a massive assault on them, your villager is near the castle, the people of the castle used to visit your village, people ought to be understanding the whole thing approximately this castle, a few mystery door or passage might be there. Santaji says yes, you’re right, a few humans nevertheless recognise the castle’s mystery way, it is going into the castle from the village, no person makes use of that route, however it exists. Khanderao says I desired this to happen, I knew it that you’ll assist me, I will let you know my plan now. Someone maintains an eye fixed on Khanderao. Santaji praises his plan. Khanderao says we must begin this plan tomorrow, it’ll be performed in days and a massive hassle will stop, no person ought to recognise approximately it, else the whole recreation gets spoiled.

Gunu ji says I m afraid that Khanderao may also make a massive mistake to break your respect. Khanderao involves the palace.


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