Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts harku announcing we knew you will win, but we were scared for you. Khanderao brings ahilya there. He asks malhar to tell them approximately the conflict.

Malhar says i realize ahilya would like to know, you are also showing hobby, come sit down. He tells the conflict tale. Yamuna involves dwarka.

Dwarka asks her to not come to her room. Yamuna apologizes. She says you didn’t say something to ahilya and khanderao, they’re your family, i m just your daasi. Gunu ji comes to satisfy dwarka.

She asks what is the imp work, tell me. He says i have a request, i m lots concerned, communicate to malhar and free me from malwa pranth provider, i can’t do this work now.

She asks what had passed off which you informed a huge thing. He says each person has a self esteem. She says surely. He says after i don’t get any respect right here, if i get insulted, how long shall i tolerate this, khanderao and ahilya don’t like my decisions,

they are interfering in my paintings. Yamuna says i had advised you, ahilya will give her recommendation all the time.

Dwarka asks him what occurred. He tells the whole lot. Malhar says i’ve first made nizam’s military away from our borders, then i had long gone to win delhi with bajirao peshwa, but the enemy wasn’t sitting quiet, the opposite king had despatched his minister with huge wide variety of squaddies,

i needed to wait on the banks of river yamuna, then i went to the opposite facet of the bank, i ruined the enemy army’s plan, bajirao attacked them, then the triumphing segment began, we went to delhi and defeated the enemy, on our go back, nizam’s military tried to attack us once more, we didn’t combat them, we surrounded them. He tells them similarly. They clap for him.

Ahilya says desirable aspect isn’t any one misplaced their blood. Khanderao asks how did you do all this, you didn’t had military with you, you didn’t had assist. Malhar says one has to keep his duty, one has to make a new way when there is no way. Khanderao nods. Ahilya recollects the negative family.

Dwarka meets ahilya inside the kitchen. She says you had gone to the temple, did you stop anywhere at the way. Ahilya says yes, its desirable khanderao and i’ve visible them. Dwarka asks whom did you meet, inform me. Ahilya receives silent. Dwarka says i recognise the entirety, whom you met, what all occurred.

Ahilya says right you understand, you’ll be feeling bad, proper, don’t fear, khanderao has despatched grains to their residence, he stated we can assist them. Dwarka says surely, you’re still hiding the actual component, you’re bringing khanderao in gunu ji’s way. Ahilya asks what do you mean. Dwarka says you’re making khanderao towards gunu ji. Ahilya says i didn’t do some thing such, why could i do it. Dwarka says break out from my way, else subsequent time i won’t talk, i should do some thing else, which you can’t even consider.

She leaves. Ahilya doesn’t get sleep. She recalls everyone’s words. Gunu ji says i used to be looking to do it my way, but i need to do what i have to have executed before. He sees a knife in hand. Ahilya involves khanderao. She wakes him up. She says i’ve to talk to you. She asks him to talk to gunu ji, he can’t forget his responsibility. He says i understand munu ji, he’ll get angry, i should discover some way.

She says malhar said that we should make a brand new way when there’s no manner around. He asks how do you remember what absolutely everyone said. She says one ought to pay attention by using coronary heart, not ears, what is going to we do now, we promised kaki. He receives questioning.

Precap: khanderao tells hiralal’s depend to malhar. He asks malhar to research the matter once. Gunu ji worries.


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