Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode begins with khanderao saying i didn’t assume that i can get so much happiness, gangoba always loves me but he went to satisfy dad to reward me, its a big element, mum sees dad’s mirrored image in me, everything goes excellent, seeing that we were given pleasant, right. Ahilya nods. He says our friendship must continually live the identical.

She says sure, constantly. He asks are you disappointed now, shall we’ve got a race, there is a banyan tree, lets see who reaches there first. They run. They see a family going to leap within the nicely and devote suicide. Khanderao stops them. He scolds the lady. He says you have been doing a big sin to dedicate suicide along with youngsters, its proper we reached on time. Ahilya tries to speak to the female.

She asks the female who is troubling her, simply say the name. The lady says he’s a wealthy man. Ahilya says he can’t be richer than khanderao, tell the call. The boy says he’s a broking, kishan choudhary, our dad had some land, we used to run house by the use of that land, that broking wanted to get that land, he attempted to bribe my dad and then threatened him, he couldn’t get the land, he forcibly snatched the land.

The woman says he lied to all of us that we bought the land to him, he made fake papers. Khanderao asks in which is your dad now. The own family starts crying. The boy says someone killed my dad, we don’t have any enemy, that broking kishan might have executed this.

The female says he killed my husband and snatched our land, how shall i increase my children. Khanderao says you’ll get justice, that guy snatched your land, you should have come to the palace. The boy says sure, gunu ji said the land belongs to kishan, he can’t help us. Ahilya consoles the girl.

She says we can get the land again. Khanderao says wait, we will do the imp element first. He asks the guards to get one month’s grains for the own family and additionally provide them protection. He says i can do some thing i’m able to do, but you don’t think about giving your existence, promise me, until you get your land back, your responsibility is on me. The woman and her kids thank him.

Khanderao and ahilya depart for home. Ahilya says kaki changed into so upset, we could visit chaudi, gunu ji could be there, you can cross and talk to him approximately kaka’s land. Khanderao says no, it gained’t be right to interfere in his choices, he will experience awful.

She says however we ought to locate the fact. He says gunu ji is dealing with things considering a long term, if he said that, he could have notion of something, dealer could have proven the papers. She says kaki isn’t mendacity, don’t you trust her. He says no, it received’t be right to impeach gunu ji, he is a accountable man, he may have proof also. She says gunu ji doesn’t understand the truth.

He says sure, we will not harm his coronary heart, come, i understand each person’s nature properly, you got here currently, don’t communicate approximately this, i don’t want everybody to experience awful. Ahilya asks if kaki doesn’t get their land lower back. Khanderao says we will control her expenses all life, don’t worry. She thinks it approach that woman’s circle of relatives will get pity, not justice. He asks her to come. Gunu ji is with dhana ji. He says i spoke to kishan to get money via his land business, kishan has his eyes on many such land plots, we are able to get our percentage, you will need a brand new locker soon. Dhana ji laughs. He says i want your phrase receives actual.

A person comes to satisfy. Malhar cleans his sword. Harku comes. He smiles and asks her to return. She applies the fragrance to his hand. They sit down to speak.

He says i was so concerned earlier than going for the conflict, i didn’t anticipate such a miracle. Kishan comes to gunu ji and says khanderao and ahilya met hiralal’s circle of relatives nowadays, i don’t recognize what all hiralal’s family advised them, i couldn’t cross there, khanderao has left a protect for his or her protection. Gunu ji receives indignant. Dhana ji asks him to relax. Kishan says khanderao can recognize the truth, i will be killed. Dhana ji says don’t worry, believe gunu ji, you may pass. Kishan goes. Gunu ji says i wish i could just kill khanderao and ahilya. Dhana ji says loosen up, you may do as i say.

Precap: gunu ji says i used to be looking to do it my way, i can do what i should have executed earlier than. He is taking a knife. Someone goes to khanderao.


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