Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Khanderao telling Ahilya how Malhar were given glad listening to his assignment plans. She smiles. He says the credit score is going to you, you informed me that there might be many meanings for each word, this can assist me a lot. He hugs her. They smile. He says you’ve got got continually helped me and confirmed me the proper course continually. She says you deserve the praise, this happiness and appreciate. He says you may inquire from me any gift. She says I don’t need any gift, however I need to speak to you, all of us is preventing me for this, you realize me well, maybe… He asks what’s the matter. Harku comes and asks Ahilya to return back fast, Renu…. Ahilya and Khanderao go along with her.

Dwarka, Rakma and Yamuna in conjunction with different girls scold Renu and get the water for her Shuddikaran. Ahilya stops them. She hugs Renu. Dwarka asks Ahilya now no longer to forestall the rituals. Yamuna says this impure widow wishes a Shuddikaran. Ahilya asks while did she get impure. Yamuna says her veil were given off in the front of a stranger. Renu says I didn’t do that intentionally, I become going. She tells the entirety.

Ahilya says its now no longer Renu’s mistake. The girls say its her mistake, Shuddikaran must manifest. Rakma says the same. Ahilya asks Dwarka to suppose in contrast to others and aid Renu. Dwarka refuses. Ahilya asks who’re we to do a woman’s shuddikaran, can a material make or spoil a woman’s character, this could manifest with all of us in hurry. Yamuna says she become going for walks like a kid, does this in shape her. Ahilya asks what’s those rules, widow’s any motion upsets the society, why, is she now no longer a human, did her feelings die together along with her husband, why is she punished for the error she didn’t do, why can’t she stay with the aid of using her wish. The female says you may say the next day to get her remarried, can a widow get remarried. Ahilya says we need to undergo the punishment of our actions, I can’t extrade the society’s thinking, I can’t do that miracle, one issue is decided, I won’t permit Renu’s shuddikaran manifest.

The girls don’t aid Ahilya. Dwarka says you assert that Praja must have a proper to provide their opinion, see all of us is towards you, you’re a queen, they’re refusing to simply accept your decision, you’re wrong, you may make Praja towards you. Ahilya says I need to forestall the injustice tolerated with the aid of using widows. Rakma says all of the widows are towards you. Dwarka says enough, I m additionally towards you, Shuddikaran will manifest. The girls get the water pots. Khanderao shouts forestall, its my command, Shuddikaran won’t manifest, you all need to obey it. The girls leave.

Dwarka name callings him for simply remembering his rights, now no longer duties. He leaves. She asks Ahilya are you glad now. She says I m elder to you, I need to recommendation you, don’t play with the antique customs, this won’t manifest again. Ahilya is going and thank you Khanderao. He says I love you and appreciate your thinking, I recognize you continually suppose right for others, provide an explanation for Renu and ask her to live in her limits. She asks what are you saying. Tukoji comes and says we need to meet the infantrymen now.

Renu thinks of the entirety and cries. Parikshit says Khanderao informed me the entirety, I m sorry, won’t you assert whatever or get irritated on me, your coronary heart might be hurt, I can see you cried a lot, I might be satisfied if I can turn out to be a cause in your smile. She says sorrow is part of my truth, I haven’t any proper to think about whatever, it is going to be higher that we don’t meet and don’t talk.

Parikshit says I like Renu. Ahilya says I concept of having Renu married, however the society will ask you for Agnipariksha. He says I will supply Agnipariksha. She says its time to preserve my promise.


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