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The Episode begins with Dwarka reviewing how Rakma had halted Parvati and sent her back to the royal residence to get the matrimonial finishes paperwork for the Devi Aai’s favors. FB closes. Ahilya comes to Khanderao. He flies off the handle on her and says your folks got to be familiar with Parvati and my marriage. Ahilya’s mum asks Gautama for what valid reason didn’t you let me know that you have fixed Khanderao’s subsequent marriage. Gautama says I had no alternate way, you have perceived how Ahilya left you for the darbar work. Malhar hears them. Ahilya’s mum says Mankoji has composed a letter in answer and apologized for Ahilya’s misstep, we believed that we will make sense of Ahilya and tackle this issue. Ahilya says I failed to remember what they will think. Khanderao says you neglected, I lament that you fail to remember relations likewise, yet I remembered and can’t neglect, I have made a solid attempt to make things fine, however nobody can see my endeavors, you simply see that I m getting remarried. She says I will converse with mum and father. He asks what will you say, you will seem perfect and I will seem to be a dolt, I m terrified imagining that I will show up as your life’s antagonist. Gautama asks how might I respond, Khanderao and Ahilya’s battles and distance are expanding, they enjoy no satisfaction and harmony in their connection, Ahilya has failed to remember the importance of being a spouse. Malhar says this isn’t correct. She says you will agree with her position, she doesn’t pay attention to anybody now, I tracked down no alternate way so I have called them here.

Ahilya’s mum says I had sent nine year old Ahilya with you, I realize you will excuse your child’s mix-ups, not your bahu’s errors, but rather her missteps aren’t huge to the point that she gets her sautan. Khanderao flies off the handle and tosses the berries. Ahilya looks on. Malhar says Gautama has called you here, I can comprehend that you have many inquiries in your heart, my authorization wasn’t there for this marriage yet at the same time the obligation is mine. Mankoji folds hands. He says I never needed to send my girl in a regal family, she is honest and clean hearted, I would have rather not sent her in a family where legislative issues runs, second marriage occurs in imperial families, I didn’t need this for my girl, then you came to our home, remained with us, you become her most believed companion, I likewise entrusted you and sent her with you. Gautama says we additionally love you, we called you here to make sense of her and save her from the misfortune. Ahilya’s mum asks what greater misfortune can occur. Gautama says she will share her significant other due to her way of behaving, she may likewise need to leave her kid, it will be great assuming she changes in time and grasps her missteps. Ahilya’s mum says enough, respond to me, what will be Ahilya’s privileges after Parvati comes here, will her connection end with this castle. Gautama sees Ahilya there. Ahilya cries and leaves.

Afterward, Ahilya is with her folks. She cries and says I have seen you collapsing hands to Gautama, I have never communicated my sentiments to anybody, I had accounted for myself that I ought to get content with my family, yet I didn’t figure what will both of you go through. Mankoji embraces her and says all will be great. Her mum says you are truly savvy, and, after its all said and done… Ahilya asks what. Her mum says you are liable for his subsequent marriage, what was the need to get so occupied in darbar, you contended with him to win, that is the reason this has occurred. Ahilya asks do you additionally think thus, I needed to help the equity, is that my misstep. Mankoji says no, I know you well overall, you’re essentially on the right track. Her mum clears up her that life’s genuine significance is for keep relations. She says you don’t agree with her position this time, don’t say she is correct, she is off-base, we heard that one more matter came in the darbar, you and Khanderao are against once more, end this, save your home first and afterward others, I m your mum and need your advancement, attempt to comprehend, once more, khanderao is wedding however you are his most memorable right, you will have the main spouse place. Ahilya says I m not keen on status, I don’t need privileges however simply love. Her mum asks her not to talk like morons, when freedoms go, love likewise goes, I can’t see you in the subsequent spot, I will make sense of you until you comprehend.

Episode closes


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