Famous TV actress Shivangi Joshi and Punjabi singer Inder Chahal’s new song ‘Kismet Teri’ has been released on YouTube. In this video, Shivangi is seen giving a very hot look. At the same time, singer Inder also seems to be a total. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This video is also trending on YouTube. Fans of Shivangi and Inder were eagerly awaiting this music video. In this video, the chemistry of both of them looks very cute.

The theme of the song is based on positive girlfriends. In this video, Shivangi is playing the role of a positive girlfriend who understands everything about her boyfriend and wants to see him near her. It can be seen in the video how Inder tries to get away from Shivangi but Shivangi follows him. This pair of Inder and Shivangi are making headlines on social media.

So far, more than 31 lakh 64 thousand views

This video has got more than 31 lakh 64 thousand views so far. This video has started to be shared very quickly. Viewers are enjoying this video very much. One user wrote, “Awesome video.” Another user wrote, “Lucky ones get such girlfriends”. So right there, one user wrote praising Shivangi, “You will always be my favorite.” Let us know that Shivangi Joshi has now achieved a different position in the world of television. Fans are desperate to catch a glimpse of him. His photos and videos are often viral on social media.


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