The Punjab government has simplified the method of providing students leave school certificates, so that students will no longer have to travel to schools to get certificates. A spokesman for the School Education Department said here today that the method of giving out school leaving certificates To make it easier, the department has created an online portal. In a letter issued by the School Education Secretary Krishna Kumar, it has been instructed that the Superintendent of the office of the concerned District Education Officer should log on to this portal and print a copy of the transfer certificate received online from the school, within two hours from the District Education Officer Signed and given to the concerned officer.

In case the District Education Officer is not present in the office, he will get it released soon after his arrival. According to the spokesperson, if the Superintendent is not present in the office, he will be responsible for the senior staff present in the office. School heads have been instructed to thoroughly match the details of the concerned students with the admission admission register of the school before uploading the certificate on the portal. The District Education Officers have been instructed that no school records in this regard should be brought to the office nor will any teacher / staff be called to the concerned District Education Officer’s office for this purpose.



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