In Rajasthan’s Barmer district, there has been a case of a young man being brutally beaten and forced to drink urine when he falls in love. Not only this, the accused had also filed a false rape case against the victim. In fact, on March 8, suddenly some people entered the house of a young man living in Sindhri area and took him with him, beating him. He was taken to a deserted place and after being beaten, he was urinated on. After this, a case of rape of a 20-year-old girl was also filed against her.

Kidnapped a young man by entering into the house

The father of the victim’s youth has said in the complaint lodged by the police station, “On March 8, his son returned home from the temple around 9 pm. During this time an SUV came behind him, out of which 4 people came down. They beat him badly and then kidnapped him in the car and took him away. Barmer SP Anand Sharma said, “5 people from the car took him to a deserted place. Tied his hands and feet. After that started beating with sticks. The accused also forced the victim to drink urine. After that, Rs 5,000, mobile, a silver chain and some other valuables were snatched away from the young man.

Not only this, if the accused threatens him, then he can also take his life. He then brought her into the car and left outside the house. But when he was lying on the road, he took him to Sindhri Hospital for treatment. SP Anand Sharma said that preliminary investigation has revealed that the victim was in a relationship with a girl belonging to the family of the attackers. The family members of the girl angry with this relationship decided to teach her a lesson and carried out the incident.

Police caught four accused, case filed in many sections

The SP said that in view of the seriousness of the case, the Sindhri police station team has apprehended 4 accused within 24 hours. Soon other accused will also be caught. In this case, police have registered a case against the accused on charges of kidnapping, assault, robbery. The SP of Barmer said that the accused had filed a reverse rape case against the victim.


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