Qatar World Cup 2022: Star Footballers Who Have Been Ruled Out Of Qatar World Cup By Injuries

Protest Against Racist-Islamophobic Cartoon Against Qatari Players, Women Covered In Black, Men With Guns And Cannons: As the soccer World Cup kicks off in Qatar, protests are intensifying over a racist and Islamophobic French cartoon depicting the Qatari national team’s players in a negative light.

A cartoon published by the French newspaper Le Canard enchainé in October depicts the Qatar team’s players in a negative light. The cartoon is stereotyping Arabs.

Arab (Qatari) men are depicted in caricatures as long-bearded, masked, angry, and armed (with machetes, guns, and rocket launchers).

In this, the star wearing the famous number 10 jersey is presented wearing a suicide vest.

Social media users are protesting against this cartoon which appeared in a satirical weekly.

Ahead of the World Cup, the main criticism leveled by Twitter users against the caricature is that the cartoon portrays Arabs, especially Qataris, as outright racist from a Western perspective.

Qatar National Library President and Minister of State Hamad al-Kawari have also reacted against the cartoon.

”Show some sportsmanship. We welcome harsh language criticism and even satire.

But Le Canard enchaîné is lying. “They are trying to defame Qatar, attack it and spread ethnic hatred through lies,” said Hamad Al-Kawari.

There is also criticism of the Islamophobic content in the cartoon. In the cartoon, Muslim women are depicted as covering their entire bodies with black clothes.

There are reactions that the cartoon exposes the anti-Muslim and racist attitude of the French newspaper.

The ‘cartoon controversy’ has also erupted amid reports of human rights abuses and exploitation of LGBTQ+ communities in Qatar ahead of the World Cup.

The 2022 Football World Cup will begin in Qatar at the end of this month. Qatar is also playing in the World Cup as a host country.

Content Highlights: Outrage against racist and Islamophobic French cartoons depicting Qatari players and Arab people.


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