On the occasion of the second anniversary of Balakot Airstrike, Pakistan has tried to save its face through a new propaganda. Pakistan has tried to spread propaganda by releasing a new video of Abhinandan Vardhaman, the Wing Commander of the Indian Air Force. Abhinandan Vardhaman reached PoK on 27 February 2019 in an attempt to chase down Pakistani Air Force aircraft. He was then captured by the Pakistani army and released back to the Wagah border on 1 March under pressure from India. During that time Pakistan shared many videos of Abhinandan. But now a new video is being shared in Pakistan.

In this video Abhinandan Vardhaman is seen talking about the appeal of peace in Kashmir and no difference between Pakistan and India. Abhinandan is seen in this video praising the Pakistani Army for its sake, but it is clear from the video that it has been edited many times. It is clear from all the cuts in the video that the old video of Abhinandan is being used by Pakistan for its propaganda by editing it. However, due to the way the video has so many cuts, its veracity is also being questioned.

Abhinand Vardhaman says in this video, ‘When I looked from above, there seemed to be no difference between the two countries. Even when I fell down from the parachute, it was not known in which country I am. Man is also the same from both countries. When I fell down, I was hurt very deep and I could not move. I tried to know where I am. When I found out that I was not in my country, I tried to run away. People came after me and their enthusiasm was very high and they wanted me to catch them. ‘

Further, he praises the Pakistani Army, saying, “Then two Pakistani Army soldiers came, they caught me and saved me.” A captain, he rescued these men from the unit to the hospital where First Aid was given. Investigations were done there and Ed was given, since then I am here with your kindness. ‘ Abhinandan says, “What is happening with Kashmiri, he neither knows nor I know.” We should think calmly. ‘

An exclusive statement of Abhi Nandan never heard before.

Abhi Nandan talks about his experience as he was coming down after his plane was shot down by PAF. #CapitalTV #Abhinandan # 27February # 27FebSurpriseDay # 27FebDayOfFantasticTea #PAF pic.twitter.com/gJg07MVUb7

– Capital TV (@CTV_Digital) February 27, 2021
Let us know that a video of Abhinandan Vardhaman being badly attacked on February 27, 2019 was also revealed. From this video Pakistan went on backfoot. India reminded Pakistan of the Geneva Pact by taking this video. In such a situation, it is clear from the video of the beating, that Pakistan has used this edited video for propaganda.


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