Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra married well-known American singer Nick Jonas after becoming a global icon. After marriage, both of them joined the list of most discussed couples in India and America. While Priyanka has always been private about her personal life, on the other hand, there were many discussions about Nick’s relationship. Recently, an ex girlfriend of Priyanka’s husband Nick has come into tremendous headlines. These girlfriends are missing Nick, then they have shared a very old picture taken with Nick on social media.

Actually, Nick Jonas dated famous singer and actress Miley Cyrus at one time. At the same time, Miley has recalled her same days through social media. Miley has shared some of her old memories through photographs on her Instagram account, including one featuring Nick and a photo taken with him. Both are very young in this photo. In this photo, Nick is seen shy, while Miley is seen in a very mischievous style. See the photo shared by Miley here

Sharing her memories, Miley wrote on Instagram – ‘You had to be there’. Let us know that earlier in 2019, Miley was seen doing something similar. During that time, both Nick and Priyanka had commented on Miley’s post, saying Throbax was awesome. At the same time, now we have to see how Nick and Priyanka react to this latest post of Miley?


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