Priyanka Chopra's book leaked pages on social media, Raj did home entry during quarantine

The pages of this book which have been leaked on social media also have some pictures in which she is seen with her husband Nick Jonas. One of these pictures is of home entry. It is written below this picture, “It was quite unusual to move into our new house during the quarantine. But we made it the best, with homegrown ceremonies.” These photos have been shared on the Twitter account named Daily Nick Jonas. Priyanka has retweeted it and said, “No spoilers please”.

Let me tell you that Priyanka Chopra was recently seen in ‘The White Tiger’. The film was released on Netflix. In this film, Priyanka Chopra played the character of Pinky. The film is based on author Arvind Adiga’s Booker honor winner ‘The White Tiger’ novel.

It is being told that in this book, Priyanka has narrated the stories of her life which were difficult for her. He told an anecdote that, “A director advised him to undergo plastic surgery.”

Priyanka said, “I had come to meet him for work. After a few minutes of conversation, he asked me to stand and show myself. I did. He stared at me for a long time and said that if I want to become an actress If you have to do plastic surgery on some parts of the body, they asked me to do surgery on my breast, jaw and butt. ” He told that his manager also nodded yes to this matter of the director. After which I also separated from my manager. ”


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